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  • Matt NathansonMatt NathansonMatt Nathanson tells the stories behind the songs on his album Boston Accent and explains how he feels about listeners misinterpreting songs like "Wedding Dress," his "near-divorce" song.
  • Owen BeverlyOwen BeverlyNashville musician Owen Beverly revisits his early music after a nearly 20-year-old EP resurfaces, reminding fans and himself that it's always worth a second listen.
  • Mark Kendall of Great WhiteMark Kendall of Great WhiteMark Kendall, founding guitarist of the multi-platinum Los Angeles-based Great White, goes deep into the creation process of many classic Great White hits and album tracks spanning the band's catalog.
  • '90s Musicians Today: Photos and Stories'90s Musicians Today: Photos and StoriesFrom the book Lived Through That, we catch up with Krist Novoselic, Tanya Donelly, Tracy Bonham, and other musicians who were big in the '90s.
  • Ellen FoleyEllen FoleyEllen Foley on "Paradise By The Dashboard Light," her Clash connection, and her album Fighting Words.
  • Huey LewisHuey LewisDid Mutt Lange write his first hit? Did he sing with Joe Montana? Try the Huey Lewis Fact or Fiction to find out.
  • Affiliate DisclosureAffiliate DisclosureAffiliate link disclosure for Songfacts.
  • Reintroducing Chuck Mosley - An ExcerptReintroducing Chuck Mosley - An ExcerptChuck Mosley's longtime friend, tour manager and conga player Doug Esper recounts memorable moments in the studio and on stage with the troubled ex-Faith No More vocalist, who died of a drug overdose in 2017.
  • 10 Primal Rock Classics10 Primal Rock ClassicsA Primal Rock pioneer picks 10 tracks from the genre that is "revolutionary, rebellious and celebratory all in one."
  • Song LicensingSong LicensingAnswers to common questions about how to license a song or lyrics for various projects.
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