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  • Affiliate DisclosureAffiliate DisclosureAffiliate link disclosure for Songfacts.
  • Reintroducing Chuck Mosley - An ExcerptReintroducing Chuck Mosley - An ExcerptChuck Mosley's longtime friend, tour manager and conga player Doug Esper recounts memorable moments in the studio and on stage with the troubled ex-Faith No More vocalist, who died of a drug overdose in 2017.
  • 10 Primal Rock Classics10 Primal Rock ClassicsA Primal Rock pioneer picks 10 tracks from the genre that is "revolutionary, rebellious and celebratory all in one."
  • Song LicensingSong LicensingAnswers to common questions about how to license a song or lyrics for various projects.
  • How The Beatles Crafted Killer ChorusesHow The Beatles Crafted Killer ChorusesThe author of Help! 100 Songwriting, Recording And Career Tips Used By The Beatles, explains how the group crafted their choruses so effectively.
  • Intentionally AtrociousIntentionally AtrociousA selection of songs made to be terrible - some clearly achieved that goal.
  • 80s Music Quiz 280s Music Quiz 2Our second '80s quiz, complete with Prince, a concept album, and a song that became a hit when it was used in a TV series.
  • Rob Landes of Fever TreeRob Landes of Fever TreeTalking clavinets and grand pianos with the keyboard player for Fever Tree, known for their 1968 track "San Francisco Girls (Return of the Native)."
  • What Musicians Are Related to Other Musicians?What Musicians Are Related to Other Musicians?A big list of musical marriages and family relations ranging from the simple to the truly dysfunctional.
  • 90s Music Quiz 190s Music Quiz 1First question: Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson appeared in videos for what artist?
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