Fact or Fiction

Sorting Myth from Reality in the Musical Realm

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  • Battling BandmembersBattling BandmembersSpot the real stories behind the battling bandmembers in The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, the Eagles, and other groups where tensions ran high.
  • The ReplacementsThe ReplacementsDid Tom Petty lift a line from a Replacements song? Did a member join Guns N' Roses? Find out in this Fact or Fiction, Replacements edition.
  • Neil YoungNeil YoungIs "Like A Hurricane" about Daryl Hannah? Did he own a hearse? Find out in this Fact or Fiction, Neil Young edition.
  • Alice in ChainsAlice in ChainsIs the "Rooster" Jerry Cantrell's father? Did they start as a punk band? Find out in the Fact or Fiction, Alice in Chains edition.
  • Huey LewisHuey LewisDid Mutt Lange write his first hit? Did he sing with Joe Montana? Try the Huey Lewis Fact or Fiction to find out.
  • Mariah CareyMariah CareyIs "My All" about Derek Jeter? Is "All I Want For Christmas Is You" a cover? Find out in this Fact or Fiction.
  • Robert PlantRobert PlantWas Phil Collins on his solo albums? Did he kibosh the Led Zeppelin reunion tour? Find out in this Fact or Fiction.
  • Jimmy BuffettJimmy BuffettIs he related to Warren Buffett? Did he get beat up by a Tennessee sheriff? Test your knowledge of the tropical troubadour with this Fact or Fiction: Parrothead edition.
  • ToolToolWas a cat squeezed to make a Tool song? Is Dustin Hoffman referenced in another? Take the Fact or Fiction, Tool edition, to find out.
  • The B-52sThe B-52sIs a "tin roof, rusted" a pregnant woman? Did "Private Idaho" inspire a movie? Find out in this Fact or Fiction.
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