Their Rock is steady: songs about girls, drinking, and rock and roll debauchery. AC/DC doesn't do politics or ballads, but they will put cannons, giant bells and various pyrotechnics into their sets.

Born in Scotland, the brothers Angus and Malcolm Young moved to Australia when their family set out for a better life. They had some trouble at school - one teacher sent home a note accusing the boys of "obstreperousness verging on violence." Academics didn't suit them, but music did, as they soon conquered their continent and then the world as leaders of AC/DC.

There are lots of stories out there about the band, and some of them are even true. Have a look and see if you can tell Fact from Fiction with AC/DC.
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  • Kenneth Hatfield from FloridaMy very first concert on November 24th, 1976 when they came to Johnson City, Tennessee.
    Bonn Scott shouldered Angus on his shoulders.

    It was a great show with UFO also on there.
    It is amazing how well they have hung together all these years.
  • Bruce Miner from ConnecticutGood test
  • Callan from MelbourneI didn't realise Angus was a history buff. AC/DC rock!!!
  • Bob from Connecticut (usa)I thought Bon Scott had the *perfect* voice for a band that made this type of music! Also thought (perhaps mistakenly) that the "AC/DC" was from a vacuum cleaner instead of a sewing machine. Regardless, both are acronyms that are references to electricity: "AC" stands for Alternating Current, and "DC" for Direct Current.
  • Jj from EnglandNo ballads, wouldn't you class Love Song one ?
  • Greg B from VancouverNo song called Chopper, I agree it's probably jailbreak
  • Runar Kjoersvik from Norwayvacuum cleaner the AC / DC name came from.
  • Cynthia Wallace from TexasGot 'em all right! 100%! Condolences to Angus Young for the loss of Malcom and his other brother, George, who was an engineer. I've been a fan since the 7th grade, and always will be! Rock On AC/DC!
  • Jim from Mobile, AlSo sad about Malcolm Young. Prayers for his family. Terrible way to go, I hope he is at peace. I saw them for the first time in 1978 opening for Aerosmith. Bon Scott was amazing and they blew Aerosmith out of the water. Of course they were all lit up like 4th of July fireworks and it showed. I had never heard of them and was instantly hooked. Never did I realize We'd still be talking about them today, but I am glad we are. SO thanks for years of listening pleasure and a few laughs along the way (you have to admit some of the lyrics are damn funny)

    P.S. I thought is was a vacuum cleaner
  • Cameron from Tacoma BlvdThey rock
  • Moses Espinoza from New MecicoGot every single question right! Got to see AC/DC on Black Ice tour.... F'ing awesome!
  • Gary from Florian Missed the one about the cover of the Rolling Stone. AC/DC in my opinon is the best rock band of all time I have been listening to them since the seventies KEEP ON ROCKN.
  • Alexandra from London, Uk10/10! Almost slipped up on a couple
  • Baz from Lverpool UkThe history question got me
  • Gopal from Hyderabad10/10 not bad eh?
  • Evilrider from Birth Place Of :rock N Roll---clevelandI only missed one and that was the origin of 'Dirty Deeds' which incidentally is the text tone on my fone.
  • Djdee from IndianapolisMissed one!!! AC/DC, gotta love a band who has NEVER sold out!!!
  • Dusty from Originally - Ohiothe chopper question threw me off...but still real good test
  • Trevor from New Zealand Perhaps the song "chopper" is meant to be "jailbreak"
  • Gary from New Jersey, UsaThere is no AC/DC song called "chopper" me the mp3 if it exists...unless it was never which case that would be a stupid question to put on here. Just sayin'
  • Lorane Manei from Londonyesss 7, not really
  • Russ D from Wurtulla. Qld. RIDE ON is a slow song and a damn good one.
  • Lesmond from New ZealandLearnt a couple of new facts about my favorite band. Would like to know if anyone got the last one wrong as most of us metalers know Eddie belongs to Iron Maiden. PS Rosie is my all time favorite gal.
  • Dean from Australia/u.kMissed 2, should've been 1,I knew about the Chopper one (pressed the wrong answer by accident), But no idea about Dirty Deeds.
    Great to see live, but far from an Australian band. Angus & Malcolm were born in Scotland(both are Aussies now though), Bass player Cliff Williams is British the same as singer Brian Johnson, so the only 100% Australian is the drummer Phil Rudd.
    I spend roughly the same amount of time in both countries,so it doesn't really matter where i am, I can still claim them as 'ours' :-)
  • Joey Oddo from Sunnyvale, CaI only missed one - the one about "Chopper." (I don't know that song.) I assumed they were referring to "Night Prowler," which is not about a convicted killer. It's about a guy who used to steal ladies underwear while it was hanging out to dry on a clothesline. That's what I get for over-thinking it.
  • Diverdriver from Petaluma, CaTheir sister suggested the name while she was sewing and they were talking about what to call the band. Their sister looked at the machine and saw the ac/dc power option logo and the rest is history.
  • Mat from SydneyThis is the first time I've ever heard they were named from a sewing machine - definitely got it from a vacuum cleaner is the common story
  • Rocky from Kansas City, KansasI'm not the world's biggest AC/DC fan, but I am surprised that I got them all correct!!!
  • Paul from SprytownDamn, 4 wrong, shoot me at dawn!
  • Teach from MarylandGot them all right! I've been an AC/DC fan since 'Back in Black' was first released in the US. Since then, I've collected and still have nearly all of their original albums in mint condition; even three of their Australian releases (one with the ballad 'Little Lover' which, to be honest, is pretty bad).
  • Carlos from BoliviaCool quiz, missed three shame on me I should know better. I wish I could see Bon live!
  • Jim from North Billerica, MaI missed just one! I could have swore it was a vacuum cleaner and not a sewing machine!
  • Rob from Canadamissed 2. lived in Australia in the 70s,80s, and 90s.
    Great Aussie band
  • Minette from Johannesburg, South AfricaMissed 3 :(
  • Dane from Green Cove Springs Fla., FlI only missed 2!Maximum intensity rock & roll!
  • Thomas from Greeceare the right answers the first ones suggested? good quiz missed 2
  • Nicholas from Hickory, NcTo Mark Wilson,
    I have read alot of books on AC/DC and in all of them it says that Ramirez himself claims to have gotten inspriation from Night Prowler
  • Robbo from Sydney AustraliaI missed 4 and Im an Aussie!!! Bon will not be happy!
  • Mark Wilson from DetroitYou have some mistakes on here. Most notably the Night Prowler question. There is so much mis-information about this subject. The media named him the Night Stalker (not Night Prowler) before they knew it was Ramirez. That was because they found an AC/DC hat at one of the crime scenes. Other people have said that Ramirez liked Satanic hard rock bands and AC/DC is hardly Satanic. But I can find nothing that says Ramirez was influenced by Night Prowler.
  • Jakob from The Borocool facts
  • BobI only missed 1... awesome!
  • Kurt Cobain from Tulsa, OkWow I only missed two...Not Bad
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