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Alice Cooper

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At the climax of each concert, Alice Cooper is executed. Sometimes by hanging, sometimes by electric chair, sometimes—most messily of all—by guillotine.

With his elaborate costumes and cinema-quality horror props, Alice Cooper has made newspaper headlines, sparked outrage, cracked his ribs in hanging mishaps, and fathered the entire genre of shock-rock. But beyond the heavy eyeliner, the media circus, and the blood-spattered strait jacket, how well do you really know Alice Cooper?

Take our Alice Cooper Fact or Fiction quiz and find out.

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  • Chris Vanderpool from Placentia - CaOnly 2 incorrect, I feel bad after being a fan of Alice Cooper for 45 + years I thought I knew the Coop better.
  • Erin from Baltimore Only 6 correct? I gotta take a remedial class in Alice-ology. Too bad school’s out for summer...
  • Elaine from Stirling, NjOne wrong. I have been in love with Alice since the early '70s. Still love him now and go to see him in concert whenever he comes to NJ!
  • Opie from Kentucky1 wrong. I'm proud of that fact since Alice Cooper is the first live concert I ever attended in Nashville Tn. as a tender young teen!!
  • Al from Ontario, CanadaI got them all right, but I admit I guessed 3 of them.
  • Lindsey from BelgiumI have everything right
  • Lindsey from Belgium6 correct
  • Bari from Arvada, Colorado9 Correct 2 incorrect. That was some pretty good guess work on my part. Big fan of Alice's early work; Killer, Billion Dollar Babies...On top of being a good guy, he's also a marketing genius.
  • Richard from Norfolk VaActually his dad was a preacher and was in on the whole joke. There is an NPR interview with A.C. that is brilliant and tells his story.
  • Gavin. P.e South AfricaMeocyber, his dad was a preacher.
  • Peter from Slovak Republicalice cooper is something special...
  • Will from Greater Vancouver, BcHere's a weird twist of fate: my interest in Alice broke out in a burst of joy at being sprung from a psych ward one fine day in 1998. I was in the nut ward for a suicide attempt, but I really didn't belong there...nothing there for me. I am a survivor of a brain aneurysm 21 years ago, and suffer chronic depression and anxiety. See my blog on this: http://nothingyoucansee.wordpress.com/.
    So I'm finally given my freedom and Alice's great song "Hello Hoorah" got into my head and wouldn't stop. I'm driving all around town feeling fukkin HIGH, "HELLO, HOORAH!" I'M OUT!!!
    Here's the next twist: until this time, my musical tastes had been exclusively mainstream pop and rock: Beatles, Stones, Elton. So Alice's stage costumes and persona led me to checking out KISS. Ever since then, I've been a proud member of the KISS ARMY!
    All thanks to having been committed to the nut-bin! GO FIGURE!
    I continue to be an Alice fan, and caught his show a while ago in Vancouver. Totally groovy!
  • Meocyber from Alma, Co I've liked some of Alice's stuff, "Schools Out" and "Eighteen". But as a fellow gear head, I love his love of classic cars. And being a rock star-golfer is ultra cool as well. I believe his Dad was a career military officer. Bravo Zulu!!
  • Richard Beethoven from TorontoIlove Alice. He is one guy who creates a character on stage,, and only on stage. After the show he's a normal guy. He knows what show biziness is, an does it well. Thank you.
  • Susan from NcAlice is one of the nicest guys I've ever met. I was lucky enough to be on the photography staff for a couple of tours and you couldn't ask for a nicer man.
  • Susan R Kagan from New Orleans, LaFrank, Those women must be in their late fifties because after he got married, Alice didn't have sex with anyone but his wife. Ask any groupie from back in the day.
  • Frank from Jacksonville, FlI'm surprised to hear the claims of several women that they have had sex with him.
  • Svengali from Denver, ColoradoYou have a point Jim. I think Alice Cooper may even be more normal than I am. XD
  • Jim from North Billerica, MaFor all his macabre bluster, Alice Cooper is a surprisingly - and refreshingly - boring and normal person.
  • Jim S from CanadaInteresting Stuff
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