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Black Sabbath

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In his book Iron Man: My Journey through Heaven and Hell with Black Sabbath, guitarist Tony Iommi recounts the story of four Birmingham boys and the heavy, dark brew of rock music that carried the band to the very summit of success.

But it wasn't easy, mind you. Along the way, Black Sabbath was accused of being a Satanic band, sometimes suffering violence from religious fanatics. They consumed prodigious amounts of controlled substances that led to health problems. They even occasionally lit drummer Bill Ward on fire - with his consent, mind you - for comic relief.

The hard-partying antics of Black Sabbath are legendary. Can you tell which of the below stories are fact, and which are fiction?
For more rock star excess, childhood recollections, stories from the studio, and strange encounters with the occult, check out Iron Man: My Journey through Heaven and Hell with Black Sabbath. It dispels lingering myths, then recounts real events that are even more bizarre and outrageous, all in Tony Iommi's authentic, wry wit.

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Comments: 19

  • Robert from Chestersome people are having flashbacks from the 60's.. how can u get 10 out of 10 when there is only 9 questions?
  • Barbra from SeattleWooHoo! 10 outta 10! Have been a fan of Black Sabbath since the 60's! :o)
  • Becky from Little River, ScOnly 6 right...at least I got over 50%!
  • By The Way from Neuseeland Bands you probably don't, but should, listen to that any Black Sabbath fan would love:
    Blue Cheer
    Sir Lord Baltimore
    Lucifer's Friend
  • Steve from Bakersfield, CaNo one ever talks about Black Sabbath when Tony Martin was the singer, he never gets any credit.
  • Kate from Oklahoma Citynever get tired of Ozzy but I'm gettin to old to remember everything!
  • Ozzy Osbourne from Burmingham EnglandCan't blame me for my memory lapse. I was stoned most of the time
  • Stephanie from Australia10 from 10!!! really surprised myself. Thanx
  • Ozzyfan from Australianot one missed great thanks! all those trivia games finallypaid off
  • Wayne from Crockett, Texas 9 of 10, surprised myself! I think maybe I'm spending too much time reading Songfacts! :)
  • Colapsus from MexicoGREAT! 8 OF 9
  • Mandi from Johannesburg, South AfricaWow! I got them all right! Sometimes you don't realise how much you know until your knowledge is put to the test :)
  • Dennis from Florida, U.s.a.I guess I should have followed Black Sabbath a litte bit closer. I only got 3 correct. Boy, do I feel stupid !
  • Airling from CaliforniaThank God I read Ozzy's book! :D
  • E.a.s. from England/perudude!, I thought that the Stonehenge thing as from Spinal Tap, but now I kno Black Sabbath did it it's even funnier!
  • Kurt Cobain from SeattleMissed one!!
  • AnonymousMissed 4. I thought I knew next to nothing about those crazy guys. haha! The one about Stone Henge is awesome. I missed that one thinking it was a trick. Now I'll think about that every time I watch the movie.
  • Gerry from Cambridge, United KingdomThis is my first time on Songfacts and I thoroughly enjoyed the questions - thank you!
  • Ryan from HawaiiPretty surprising stuff here. I always thought Black Sabbath was a Satanist band, but I guess I was wrong. Although they did have their moments regarding Satanism, every band has their awkward moments.
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