Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson was practically born into fame. Her future was determined when she was just two years old and her brothers became the Jackson 5, fulfilling their father's commandment that all his children would become entertainers. Janet started early as comic relief during her brothers' concerts, wiggling her little hips and doing imitations of bygone sex symbols like Mae West.

Now, she's a sex symbol in her own right. In 1986, her groundbreaking album Control shattered her image as everybody's sweet little sister and laid the groundwork for an astonishing career full of record-breaking hits. From sex to social commentary, Janet has never shied away from any issue as long as it came with a funky beat. But she's never quite been able to shake her famous surname, which is loaded with stories ranging from typical family drama to downright bizarre behavior. Can you separate the fact from the fiction?
~Amanda Flinner
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  • Marion from Tampa, FlI was a preteen when the Jackson 5 came on the scene
  • James from Vidalia, Ga6 right
    4 wrong

    Some were guesses. The only fact I've always known about her was the Good Times role she had. She was cute and I had a minor crush on her. She was no "Dee" (What's Happening?) or "Stephanie" (All in the Family) but she was perfect for the role.
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