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Justin Timberlake

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For some of us who grew up with 'N Sync posters plastered to our bedroom walls, Justin Timberlake will always be the kid with the neon perm and stand-out voice. But even then, it was obvious that if anyone was going to make it as a solo artist, it was Justin.

Since the group's "hiatus" in 2002, he's released four studio albums, won six Grammy Awards and four Emmy Awards, and starred in the films The Social Network, Friends with Benefits and Bad Teacher. He also co-founded the William Rast clothing line, opened the restaurants Destino and Southern Hospitality, and created Tennman Records with Interscope.

Long story short - the guy's been around. Like any public figure, there's been a lot of dirt dished about him over the years. Can you tell the Timberlake from the Timberfake?
~Amanda Flinner
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  • Budder Love from From New Zealand Love him 4 ever
  • Tan from OhioLove this guy. Talented unlike most singers/actors today!
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