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by Amanda Flinner

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"I named my son Prince because I wanted him to do everything I wanted to do," the singer's father, John Nelson, said in a 1991 interview. He was the leader of The Prince Rogers Trio, a Jazz group that gained some notoriety playing gigs around the Midwest but soon felt his dream slipping way under the responsibilities of family life. But the young Prince would prove more than capable of taking over the throne.

Starting with his debut album For You in 1978, Prince made a career out of spinning daringly sexual lyrics with a unique blend of Funk, Rock, Pop, R&B and New Wave, dubbed the "Minneapolis sound" after his hometown. To date, he has released over 30 albums and four films, including his 1984 classic Purple Rain.

The flamboyant artist known for his penchant for purple and disdain for the media was hailed as both a musical genius and a bizarre sideshow performer. Can you separate fact from the fiction?
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  • Jt from LouisianaThanks for letting me go back to some great memories.
  • Jo! from Chicago, IlI didn't think the Symbol/Artist question was a trick at all. PEOPLE in general named him The Artist because there was no pronunciation for the name HE CHANGE TO, which was O(+>. He even showed everyone how to type it when he appeared on Oprah.
  • Jo! from Chicago, IlThis quiz was 2 EASY 4 hardcore Prince fans like me! Love4OneAnother!!
  • Dusty from Akron, OhioCool
  • Rockman from YonkersMusic for the Batman film: Danny Elfman did the orchestral soundtrack, Prince did any songs that appear in the movie. So your question is kind of vague.
  • Lb from MinnesotaI got the "artist" question wrong too... I also think it was a trick question!!
  • Pat from St. Paul, Mn12 out of 13 (I didn't think he wrote most of the "Batman" music). Of course it helps that I live in the Twin Cities and I'm a fan. The local media talks about Prince frequently so I hear all the minute details of his life.
  • Aisling from Moody, AlI guessed "Fiction" for the Scientology question because I thought Prince would never worship anyone other than himself. And I agree with James; the one about "The Artist" was a trick question.
  • Ag Wicker from Montreal, CanadaWas not a major fan of Prince, until I took a trip to New Jersey in 2004 to catch the MUSICOLOGY TOUR. Every thing stopped when he went solo & acoustic on his big hit songs. Prince didn't need the big production on his best stuff. BLEW MY MIND.
  • Karen from Manchester, NhI only got 3 wrong (and one was because I misread it). I knew the last question because my husband was actually THERE & told me about it. He said that he felt so bad for Prince, because he WAS good (my husband did not "boo", incidentally), and wonders how many of those boo-ers, after "Purple Rain" hit it so big, went around saying how they've "always been fans".
  • Suzanne Hall from Menifeefact....prince is short
  • James from Vidalia, Ga7 out of 13. With more thought I would have gotten about 2 more right. The symbol/"The Artist" question was a trick question dadgumit!
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