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by Jeff Suwak

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It shouldn't be too surprising that the guy who created Woodstock (Michael Lang) couldn't pull it off 50 years later. This was a festival where the headliner - Jimi Hendrix - didn't take the stage until the morning after the final day. But by some miracle, peace and love prevailed, and Woodstock is etched in history as one of the greatest cultural landmarks in American history.

Woodstock is well documented (the whole thing was filmed), but still there is plenty of myth and misinformation surrounding the festival, owing in part to hazy memories impaired by the various substances available on the grounds. As the cliché goes, if you can remember Woodstock, then you weren't really there.

Here then, is the Fact or Fiction, Woodstock edition. Note there are 12 questions in this one.
August 7, 2019
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  • Bob from Connecticut (usa)I have always been intrigued by & done my homework on Woodstock, and fully expected to get every question. And I got the last one wrong (grr!) because I thought it was a trick question, and Jimmy actually played it for reasons other than patriotism. But I'm glad others enjoyed taking this quiz, and learned some things.
  • Maurice Baker from Newcastle Upon Tyne, EnglandI got most answers wrong despite having seen the movie and read various articles on Woodstock. Also, as an old hippie from the 60s, Woodstock never seemed so important as we had our own scene going then.
  • Guy from Wellington, NzWe'll, Jimi may have been a patriot but I can't see him justifying the Vietnam War. Those soaring guitar riffs of screaming bombers and explosions are no homage to war in my mind.
  • Amy Walker from North Port FlFantastic thank you so much you made my day and weekend and year!
  • Dale from Zushi, JapanSurprised by the questions I got wrong ... Santana high on mescaline, and Jimi's Star Spangled Banner a patriotic tribute, not an anti war protest
  • John from Bloomington, IlInteresting fact or fiction quiz. Many I knew but guessed and missed on others. 18 when Woodstock happened but honestly missed or overlooked that it was even taking place. I was definitely into the music but was raised in a small town and there wasn’t much exposure to the ‘peace and love’ culture.
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