70s Music Quiz 1

by Carl Wiser

The '70s gave us Muppets, disco and Van Halen, all which show up in this groovy quiz. Dig it!
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Comments: 34

  • Ed Lavoie from Thunder Bay, Ontario, CanadaLoved the quiz but couldn't get that one question.
  • Ed L from Thunder Bay, OntarioAlways great quizzes. Was able to get every question right except for the Native New Yorker.
  • Gary S from Virginia Beach, VaJust got the Buck Dharma wrong. Knew it was BOC or DP because I was familiar with the third group's members but 50-50 and as usual I made the wrong choice.
  • Renato from PortugalArt Garfunkel had another UK #1 in the '70s, "I Only Have Eyes for You".
  • Danielle from DelawareFinally, got all of these right...geez, I've really bombed on some of these, can't even guess correctly to save my life, lol. It's still fun, however.
  • Sanna from Vancouver10/10 Nice one!
  • Susan K Piffier from Dyer, InLove this stuff!!
  • AnonymousIt was fun to play
  • Kathy from Perth AustraliaMissed three. Not too bad.
  • Blue from CanadaBlew it
  • Randy from United StatesMissed the disco questions and proud of it!
  • I Live On A Farm from CanadaI got 2 wrong. I would have gotten a perfect score. It’s hard to take the quiz with a couple of crazy kids jumping all over me!
  • La Zalewski from Pittsburgh, PaPerfect 10.
  • Billyjoebob from Sf CaGlad I got the disco ones wrong
  • Iamjethromissed zero.
  • Debi from Florida Just playing for fun!!
  • Katrin from WalesYay got all of these right.
  • Teri from California Wow love this era! 70's Music is unforgettable so many amazing artist that sent us back to time/memories as we listen to them today.
  • Steve from EarthI should have known more of these, but hey, it was the 70s and I was fully indulgent.
  • Dale Mills from Olive Branch MsI got 8 right
  • Ra Bu from TasmaniaReally good quizzes
  • Mikey G from Little SuburbiaI got the Muppets wrong and Odyssey was actually a mistake - my finger slid and I got the question right!
  • Barge from Melbourne AustraliaThanks. Some easy, some hard.
  • Wild R from Canative new yorker -that was a blast from the past
  • Robin from Treasure Island, FlI got one wrong. But in my defense it was a disco question, so it’s not really my fault. LOL
  • Ken from Flint, Michigan100% correct...
  • Recordsteve from Emerald Coast, FlGot 4 wrong & I'm ashamed because I was a teenage music junkie...fun music quiz; let's play the flip side.
  • Tribeca Lady from New York CityLove trivia especially music!
  • Melanie B from L.a.Fun quiz!
  • Pete Mcducklet from The MoonArt Garfunkel had two UK number ones in the 70's...'I Only Have Eyes For You' in 1975
  • Keith Purvis from Nampa Idaho Knew it all
  • Jeff from AlabamaThat was fun
  • Kpd from Bklyn, NyDid better than expected
  • Dimitris from GreeceNice test!
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