80s Music Quiz 1

Let's see how well you know your '80s music. Take a crack at these 10 questions.

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  • Commenticus from Los AngelesCould have sworn Rosanna by Toto reached #1 - seemed it was always on the radio - but only #2. Thought 1980 was not an album year for Billy Joel (could have sworn Still Rock and Roll was 1981). Meh.
  • Michael from Portland OregonI got 5 out of 10 that confirms what I have always suspected. That I was only awake through half of the 80's.
  • Jayden from TorontoWow! I got 10 out of 10! The 1980s are well before I was even born and I missed out on it all. But ... we have the Web now and there's a ton of music and info everywhere. I love so many of these songs and spend a lot of time on this site and others learning all about the great artists throughout the past. The 1980s had lots of great music and great alternative music especially. A Music Revolution is coming. Wait for it!
  • West from Cape Town, South Africa 3/10, and all guesses, shucks!
  • Tribeca Lady from New York City Did better with the 70's but still fun and educational!
  • Melanie B. from L.a.Wow..I only got 3 right...I thought i was an 80s expert LOL!
  • Ajay from India8/10. Feels great. Love for 80's not diminished a bit.
  • 80s Grrl from State Of Disbelief3/10 ????
  • Gruffdan from Tampa I grew up with 80's music and MTV. Thought I would do really well at this, WRONG! Guess I don't know jack...
  • D. Sauriol from Ottawa Canada Didn't do so well, even though I lived through the 80's it wasn't the best decade for music. (just one opinion )
  • Schmoopdoug from Cincinnati10 for 10!
  • Tracey from New Zealandi thort bow wow wow were managed by malcom mcclaren but boy george was the singer....who knew????
  • Kellyk from Denver8/10. Not bad
  • Jon from Long IslandInsanely easy for anyone who spent any time listening in the car or watching MTV in the crib.
  • Rob from Philly4 wrong. Ugh
  • Douglas Davis from CincinnatiI got them all correct!
  • Dennis Mcmahon from Vero Beach, Fl...10/10
  • Bruno Fernandez from Brussels (belgium)Cool quizz ! More ! More ! More ! ;-)
  • Quintin from North CarolinaBoy George was lead singer for BOW WOW WOW!!!?? WOW
  • Tim from Little RockI got 10/10 the second time.
  • Opie from Kentucky4 out of 10. Not good! I've gone stale on 80's music trivia.
  • Chris from CookWell.. I thought i was better
  • Garrison from Plano, TxTougher than it looks. 6/10
  • Simon from B'ville Ny8/10 Which I guess is appropriate.
  • John from Los AngelesThis was fun!
  • Jim from Mobile, AlI got three wrong, I am so ashamed
  • Claude from Manchester, Nh8/10 - got tripped up on "Rosanna" and the Oscar winner.
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