Bob Dylan Lyric Quiz

by Jeff Suwak

How well do you know your Dylan lyrics? Take this quiz to find out.

And while we can't claim to solve his riddles, there are some fascinating stories behind the songs, some of which we've included with the answers.

~Jeff Suwak
How'd you do? Let us know in the comments. And if you're feeling strong, try the Dylan Lyrics Quiz, part 2.
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Comments: 61

  • Phil from Detroit, Mi10/10 only had to think about 1 of them
  • Fab from Sydney (australia)8/10
  • Terje Fjellvang from NorwayGood quiz
  • John from CarlowI got 10 out of 10
  • Teej from North CountryI got 9 out of 10, but I only knew 2 or 3. I used the process of elimination of the songs I knew weren’t right. I wish that always worked!
  • Jerry C. Stanaway from Lombard, IlI got them all correct.
  • Jersey Bill from Morris County, NjGot all on the first lyrics quiz right (some by process or elimination), going on to the second. Love this quiz and your site!
  • Sandman Sandy from Hell9 of 10. WOW what memories. Saw Dylan with THE BAND!!! FREEWHEELING.
  • Rob from PhuketI loved this quiz because it made me think of these songs, made me sing the snippets of the lyrics and then some and shed some light on them that I was in the dark about. Only one I missed was Dream because they were unfamiliar to me. Like Rank Strangers. Thank you.
  • Jim from Ri8/10 respectable . I’ll take it
  • Joey from Birmingham Uk10 out of 10 Cinderella she seems so easy it takes one to know one she smiles
  • Mark from 21012only got 2 wrong; guessed at several; knew a few
  • Anthony Galligani from Manahawkin, Nj5 of 10. Ouch!
  • Virgil Heinrich from A Van Down By The RiverSeven out of Ten...
    '...I'm an idiot, babe--
    It's a wonder that I still know how to breathe...'
  • Will Emery from Palm Springsaced it, but I guessed at one
  • David Degner from Portland, Oregon Got all but day of the locust.
  • Frank L Kanig from Happy Valley Utah Missed 1..... It was one of his newer songs. Got all the Golden Age stuff.
  • Ian from Skipton8/10 must try harder !
  • Banker's Son from Road To DurangoDidn't even raise a sweat :-)
  • Simon Smith from Swansea I think if you are a Dylan fan/aficionado /stand in awe sort, I think most lyric quizzes will be fairly easy.
  • Simon Smith from Swansea Sorry, fairly easy
  • Sam from Nottingham Brilliant
  • Gerry Curran from Glasgow ScotlandGot 1 wrong, raging.
  • James from QuebecGreat quiz. (I got 'em all.)
  • Ron Lisko from GermanyNice puzzle.
  • Gurbir Sidhu from Brisbane, Australia7 out of 10. It was a fun way of getting to read the Trivia..
  • Joël Guignard from Cholet FranceGot 6, not so easy
  • Maurice Puttick from South-west FranceFantastic idea! Let's have another one (although I only got 6 right)!
  • Jürgen Rybak from Herne, GermanyNice quiz, I got them all. Very interesting are the background stories to the songs.
  • Rod Smalley from Beavercreek, Oh.Woohoo! Got em all...what do I win?
  • Budd Robertson from Langhorne, Pa Usa Nailed it. All correct. It was pretty easy
  • Barry Doyle from Dublin, IrelandMore please!!!1
  • Rose Santis from DenmarkIt's very educating to know the background story of the songs.
  • Jim Johnston from Grimsby EnglandToo easy
  • Sarge Madden from Arkansas 9 of 10 missed the last question..
  • Paul Baker from Walescould kick myself for having 2 wrong
  • Bobprettypeggyo from Paris France8 outta 10 not so bad I suppose ?
    Anyway I like your Music Quiz.
  • Connie from Kurtewgreat quiz
  • Janena from NycAll right ...and all of them are favorites.
  • Tbone Frank from SacramentoI got 10/10. Good trivia quiz.
    Interesting commentary with the answers. Need to correct New Morning's release date to 1970 tho.
  • Martin Ivancic from Morganton , NcI got 6 of 10
  • Eric from Wigan, Uk9/10....Gutted
  • Graham Blyth from Australiahard
  • Stumpzian Farber from North Carolina10/10.
  • Simon Mayhall from MoroccoAll correct
  • Ally B from ScotlandChuffed 9/10
  • Harry Rowlands, from England, YorkshireGreat quiz i got 1010.Can you make it a bit harder next time?
  • Davo from AlbertaI got 7 that i new for sure, I may have to guess at the 3 that I skipped .real good quiz!
  • Christina Cotter from Lynn Mass10 out of 10 I've been listening a very long time
  • Duncan from GeorgiaKnow your Dylan....
  • Tom from Takoma Park, MdGot 9 of 10
  • Nor Mccalmont from Northren Ireland10 outa 10
  • John from Israel9 of 10 woooo
  • Fred from Laurel, Md6 of 10, all of em I was solid on; had to take 4 guesses -- wrong on every one!
    Knew Dylan's material solidly through ca 1970; anything after that is hit-or-miss for me.
  • Zz from Natrona Perfect
  • Ronshep from Floridadylan, is my fav. writer no one can come close to him....just a great mind....
  • Eric Hinton from Peoria, Il6 outta 7, not too bad. Better brush up on my Dylan tho. Lol
  • Roger C from Washington DcI once asked Weather Underground founder Bill Ayers if he had ever heard from Dylan after naming his radical group after his lyric in "Subterranean Homesick Blues." He said no, sounding a little disappointed.
  • Mike V from Tn7 of 10 but a few were luck guesses...
  • Keith from PhillyCool you don't always know things like the Ragman is the devil take the quiz
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