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Church Lyrics

by Jeff Suwak

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Unless you've been living in a bomb shelter for the last year, you've probably heard Hozier's "Take Me to Church" at some point on the radio. Surprising as it may seem, this is not the first time that a pop act has sung about church or Jesus or anything related. Read on, brave rocker, if you think you might be able to identify these ten songs that also deal with the House of God in some way. Good luck, and may God have mercy on your soul.

~Jeff Suwak
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Comments: 3

  • Shawn from MarylandI only got about 1/2 right. :) Gotta give the Preacher's Son question to my ex-wife. Without giving the answer away, we had a disagreement about who originally sang the song. She was right.
  • Jeff Suwak from Lacey, WashingtonJim from North Billerica....I made the quiz and I just have to saw that I'm awed by your knowledge. Seriously, I pick songs from such a wide range of, sir, are a true Music Sage. I salute you.
  • Jim from North Billerica, MaOnly two wrong, I did better than I figured I would.
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