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Def Leppard Quiz

by Carl Wiser

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I don't have a gambling problem, I'm winning, and winning is not a problem. That's like saying Michael Jordan has a basketball problem, or Def Leppard has an awesomeness problem.
~Earl Hickey

Def Leppard has been bringing on the awesome since 1977, when they formed in Sheffield, England. They never broke up, and are now in their fifth decade of highly adrenalized rock for the ages.

In 2017, the Leppers released the DVD And There Will Be A Next Time... Live From Detroit, a hit-packed production from their tour the previous summer.

So feel it, don't fight it, go with the flow, and take this Def Leppard trivia quiz. Let us know how you did in the comments.
February 10, 2017
Def Leppard Songfacts
Our interview with Joe Elliott
Our interview with Phil Collen
Photos: Ross Halfin

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Comments: 29

  • Julie Rayner from East AngliaI just scored ten out of ten Whoa!
  • Marian Pieklo from Quebec,canada I think Def leppard is a really really great Band.
  • Phoenix from EnglandHysteria album is like the soundtrack to my youth! Still love it all these years on
  • Elli from EnglandI got all the questions right
  • Rick Burton from London On. CanadaNot much I don't know about Def Leppard
  • WinnerI got all them right!
  • Anita Kane from Long Beach, Ca7 correct.
  • Joe from MinnesotaAwesome quiz!!
  • Lisa D Coley from 39094Love taking the quiz.
  • Tara K from Toronto, Canada5 correct. Not bad : )
  • Turquoise Cat from Northern IrelandGot 6 right.
  • Firehorse from UsaI got five. Sheesh. I've been a Def Leppard fan since before I was a teen. I've even met the Texas. Very proper Brits. Very gracious. Very talented.
  • Julie Rayner from SohamI got ten out of ten
  • Jeroen from NetherlandsGot 10 out of 10, just read about the keyboard player of Pyromania otherwise it would have been nine out of 10...
  • Schmoopdoug from Cincinnati8 for 10; not bad.
  • Stormforce from United StatesI forgot about Love bites as their number hit ever in the states. I forgot the title as I played it and I could kick myself for that error. I did not know Mariah did a cover song from Def Leopard, have to hear it. Don't remember In The Garden. I forgot about the Owl, wow. I forgot Hysteria outsold AC/DC and I remembered everything else. Loved that Pyromania practice driving with that song all day and night. Help when I am doing long distance driving too.
  • Finn Balor from Vti got 4 lol i know them
  • Mlo from BostonGot 7. One of my fav bands...definitely were during high school
  • Charlie from Northern Ireland Only got 3 right. I was more black sabbath, deep purple and prog. They were like soft rock to me then but they are brill' now.
  • Tracie from Rochester Love this, found it in my email❤️❤️????????
  • Buster from TorontoI only got 4 correct and I did listen to Def Lep. Photograph is the big soundtrack song to my life that summer it came out.
  • Nelson Barlow from New BrunswickDef leppard is one of my favorite bands of all time they are still touring?
  • Brey from UsaI only got 2 right, but I've never truly listened to the band.
  • Lisa from Norfolk,vaThis is a great site! Love it!
  • Amy from UsaI got them all right. Do I get a prize? ;-)
  • Kay from ScotlandI got 4 right..s--t! I'm surprised..just like Angela I did know more..I was saying the right' answer and pressing the wrong one.. Dumbass!!
  • Angela from California Damn, I sucked!! I only got 2 correct despite being my FAVORITE band since Pyromania in 1983, which believe it or not, was played at my (gulp...) 8th grade graduation.
    BUT in my defense, I actually knew more but second guessing myself, changed my answer last minute.
  • Japi from Finland6/10, quite all right. I thought it would have been 9/10 or even 10/10... Def Leppard sound is maybe the best rock sound from the 80's.
  • Lutt Mange from Venusthis was hysterical
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