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Grateful Dead Characters

by Jeff Suwak

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Many Grateful Dead songs tell tales of outlaws, wise men, outlaw wise men, and many other sorts of interesting characters. We've selected some of these songs for the quiz below. Match the lyrics provided with the song. To keep things simple, we've used only songs that are named after the characters of interest. Each correct answer will unlock a bit of trivia about the tune.

~Jeff Suwak

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Comments: 11

  • Jackie Sheehan from New York Sing sweet songs to ROCK MY SOUL
  • Chad from MiGreat jams all around!!
  • Denise from Woodstock Love it! Thanks
    Now I am waiting for the next one!
  • Rosa Lee Mcfall from Saratoga SpringsToo easy
  • Circe801 from Rock Hill, Scwow--that was the quickest bunch of correct responses i thing i've ever given in my entire life. rapid-fire. guess touring from '77 until after jerry's untimely demise helped a bit...
  • Jesse from Conway, Scfun quiz thanks
  • Jack Straw from WichitaGreat stuff dude! Thanks for putting it together.
  • Bob Costa from Frwwhold NjGreat trivia!!
  • Mike from PhxI was there in SC for Halloween show!!! AMAZING!!!! "Werewolves!"
  • Mrs Cindy Louise Cave from Northamptonshiresorry I got some of them wrong but they were quite heard o.k.!
  • Alan Reames from Columbia, Sc, Home Of The 1985 Halloween Grateful Dead Concert!Easy, but I followed the Grateful Dead around America for 23 years (1973-1995).
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