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Grunge Bands Quiz

by Jeff Suwak

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Of course you own every album Nirvana and Pearl Jam ever recorded, you poser. But how about Tad, Dickless, or Dinosaur, Jr.? Have you, like, even heard of them?

Okay, that's just about my limit of '90s surliness and sarcasm.

This quiz poses 10 questions concerning grunge bands of the '90s. If you're a proud product of the golden age of teenage angst and depression, then test yourself against them. Each answered question will reveal a bit of trivia about the band or song of concern.

We can't offer prizes, but we can welcome you to gloat about your score in the comments section and make other testers feel inadequate and insecure - and, really, what trophy could possibly beat that? Score 5 or better and treat yourself to a Reality Bites/Singles/Pulp Fiction movie marathon. You've earned it.

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Comments: 11

  • Cameryn from Tennessee9/10! As a 23 yo, I’m proud of this lol
  • Dee from Tennessee 7/10!
  • Matt from Kansas 9 out of 10. Got babes in toy land wrong
  • Shawn Mclane from Anna, IlCool. 10/10
  • Megan from Hays, Ks10/10 Wow how much flannel did I wear?!
  • Katie from GaRooster was written by Jerry Cantrell about his father who was in Vietnam, his nickname was Rooster.
  • Corey Beth Greaves from Collinsville, Il9/10 I'm proud of myself! Representing my generation here.
  • Mac from Decool
  • Rich from LondonI always thought Rooster was written by Jerry Cantrell about his father
  • Jim from Mobile, AlI got two wrong which isn't bad since Grunge isn't my schtick.
  • Stephanee from Tacoma, Wa6/10 - Looks like I need a 90s party to celebrate. Great quiz!
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