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James Bond Theme Songs

by Carl Wiser

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Ever since Dr. No hit theaters in 1962, the James Bond movies have given us more memorable songs than any other franchise. This music-forward approach is unique to Bond, which sets the tone with an original song - usually delivered by one of the biggest stars of the day - in the opening credits.

How well do you know your Bond songs? Take this quiz to find out. And don't worry, we won't ask about GoldenEye.

List of James Bond songs.

Our interview with Vic Flick, guitarist on the original Bond theme.
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  • Alice from San JoseYes, Madonna sang the theme and has a brief Cameo, but she is does not sing in the film, which is what makes Sheena Easton the right anser
  • Mike Hill from Birkenheadin question 2, Madonna sand the theme for die another day and appeared in the main film as a fencing instructor
  • Kevin Meyer from Emporia KsVery awesome
  • Jim C. from North Billerica, MaI missed one.
    Fun quiz, keep 'em coming.
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