Lyrics Quiz: Hits of 2015

by Amanda Flinner

You know the songs: they've saturated the airwaves and some have haunted the Billboard charts all year long. But how well do you really know the hits of 2015? Take our lyrics quiz and find out.

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Comments: 39

  • Jd from Providence RiI got them all!
  • Makenzie Lund from Utahi got nine correct
  • Billie Eilish from Usgot 7 correct
  • AnonymousGot 5 correct
  • John Romano from Cebu,philippinesI got everything correct! <3
  • Rachel from Jeffersontown,louisvilleI guess I'm not very musically inclined but hey I am deaf I one ear so can't always hear the all the words
  • Aaliyah Baker from St.louis, MoI got 100%
  • Re'ana from Miami,fllove these songs 10/10
  • Elizabeth from Miami,fl9/10
  • Collin M. Williams from Swakopmund,erongo Namibia6/10
  • Jyrah from 20174/10
  • Charlotte Oliver from Durham Good quiz
  • Giovanni from Wesly Chaple Fllove that quiz make one for 2017
  • Lucinda from Australia10/10
  • Ellie from Hdibdh9/10
  • Barbara from La10/10
  • Jeremy C from London9/10
  • Ellie from 8uuugod I was crap
  • Abel from UsaWell I know too much
  • Kaylin Carter from Baltimore, Marylandi got all of them right! awesome
  • Keira from Wales I missed 1 so 9/10
  • Emma from Utahmissed one this is like childhood memory even know it was last year
  • Mak from Oklahomaugggggggg i missed 4, man i need to work on that!
  • Ashley from Haddington Good game some had me fooled
  • Enow Agbor from OhioI got them all correct easiest test ever
  • Shenequa from Mckinney Texas i loved it i got 8/10 i missed 2 songs s bad better luck next time
  • Poppy-may from Saalbach Austria 8/10 enjoyed it????
  • Cecelia from Nonyai liked this quiz, there were a few challenging ones.
  • Cheap Whore from Las Vegas, Nevadano congrats? i got them all right!
  • Sean from La10/10
  • Lizzie from Harlowgot everything correct what do i win
  • Zazisso from EspanolI got 9/10 I got the neyo ft Pitbull one wrong
  • Nathan L from WashingtonI got every single one.... except the last one because I didnt know if one direction or justin beiber sang the song. Because i don't listen to either of them. 9/10 hahaha
  • Malina from Uki got all them all
  • Ashwa from MarsNailed it!
  • Brooklyn from ArkansasMissed one!!!!
  • Bree from My Living RoomI rocked this!
  • Amiya from Allentownthose where great questions
  • Poppy French from My Bedi nailed this all right
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