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Songs in Famous Movie Scenes: '80s Edition

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Some movie music is so ingrained into our subconscious that it's instantly recognizable: the sweeping introduction to Star Wars, the classic Godfather waltz, and the ominous strains that warn us Jaws is coming. And everyone knows the answer to "Who You Gonna Call?"

Likewise, when a specific scene needs to be memorable, the right song is as important as the right script. Can you identify the songs in these famous movie scenes: '80s edition?

~Amanda Flinner
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Comments: 29

  • Matt from San FranciscoFun!
  • Heidi from Colorado I got three wrong. Good quiz
  • Anonymous8/12
  • Mike from America2 wrong, go with your gut instinct!!
  • Pauline Doggett from Monaghan8 outa 10 oh well could have been worse I suppose
  • Kelly from Ohio12/12 I have to get out more
  • Libby from Dallas Txmissed 2
  • Luke Walter A. Ceballos from Cebu City, Philippines8 of 12. i am an 80s child, you know!
  • Diane from Las Vegas, NvMissed one. Darn!
  • Nelson Barlow from New BrunswickMY FAVORITE JOURNEY SONG IS ANY WAY YOU WANT IT.
  • Tara from Nashville Tn I missed one. The questions were too easy
  • Steve from Upstate NyMissed two...
  • Joella from Mcminnville, OrI missed 4.
  • Becka D from IndianaI missed one, love music trivia!
  • Ayanda from South Africa. I'm 14 so I'd be surprised if I had 1 right
  • Holly from Evans, LaI got 2 wrong and I have every single movie on DVD that was asked about.......
  • Doug from Manassas Park, VaI missed one, although in my defence, I never saw "Say anything".
  • Jeff JI did get almost all of the answer correct.I surprised myself at just how many i did know!
  • Shawnerz from Any, MdMissed 6. Darn it! Oh well, it was worth the memories.
  • Pat from CaliforniaI thought I'd miss more than 2--guess I know more movie music than I thought! Neat quiz.
  • Mitchv-3
  • Rene from El SalvadorI miss, among others: "Streets of Fire", "Fame" and Flashdance"
  • James from GeorgaGot all but 1. Neato!

    Miss Flashdance.
  • KittenThis was fun!
  • Mike from Palm Bay, FloridaGreat Quiz <3 it !!!! :)
  • Bill from Camp Hill, PaFun quiz. Missed the chick flick songs.
  • Brent from Nor CalAwesome quiz....all but one correct (missed the Sixteen Candles song). All of these films were classics.
  • Jenni from FloridaThat was SO much fun! Thanks guys for the trip down memory lane and the great stories too :)
  • Grantzplace from Toowoomba Qld<3 This QUIZ - Great 80s Movies -Got Caddyshack Wrong & 16 Candles haven't seen them very much :) GB
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