Songwriting Legends

Through his archive of interviews with songwriting legends, renowned music journalist Bruce Pollock tells their stories in their own words.

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  • Graham NashGraham NashIn this 1989 interview, Graham Nash talks about going from writing lightweight Hollies hits ("On A Carousel"), to "Songs as News," like "Chicago (We Can Change The World)," his song about the Chicago 7.
  • John PrineJohn PrineIn this classic interview from 1974, John Prine details his songwriting process and explains how he creates and names the characters in his songs.
  • Phil OchsPhil OchsTwo years before his death, Phil Ochs talked about the essence of folk music, his jailhouse epiphany, and what he thought of Bob Dylan's move away from protest music.
  • Neil Peart of Rush - Craftsmanship SpeaksNeil Peart of Rush - Craftsmanship SpeaksIn the second part of this classic interview with Rush drummer Neil Peart, we learn about one of his favorite lyrical themes: the crossover between innocence and disillusionment.
  • Neil Peart of Rush - Yielding to InspirationNeil Peart of Rush - Yielding to InspirationNeil Peart of Rush explains how he writes lyrics for the band in Part 1 of this classic interview.
  • Buffy Sainte-MarieBuffy Sainte-MarieAn enlightening talk with the Canadian-American Cree singer-songwriter Buffy Sainte-Marie at a time when she was trying to open eyes to the plight of indigenous people.
  • Lou ReedLou ReedBruce Pollock gets stonewalled interviewing Lou Reed until he hits on some topics that spark his interest: Berlin, songwriting, and critics.
  • Paul SimonPaul SimonIn three different interviews, Paul Simon talks about his musical progression, from "folkie stuff" to hitmaker to "far away from the marketplace."
  • Frank ZappaFrank ZappaFrank Zappa wrote for a very specific audience; in this interview he explains why he didn't try to reach the masses.
  • Laura NyroLaura NyroLaura Nyro talks about her complex, emotionally rich songwriting and how she supports women's culture through her art.
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