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10 Most-Viewed Songfacts of 2010

by Ed Pearce

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Our computers have added them up, and these were the ten most-viewed songs over the past year on Songfacts. Sales figures explain popularity, but hits to the Songfacts pages tell which songs and artists are the most fascinating, which might explain why a certain female singer shows up 3 times while a Country-Pop starlet is nowhere to be found. Clicking the song title will take you to the Songfacts.
10. The Only Exception by Paramore
This soulful love song was released as a single in February 2010 and became Paramore's biggest hit to date, peaking at #24 on the Hot 100. In doing so they bucked one of 2010's trends, which saw guitar-based bands increasingly failing to breach the charts.
You were fascinated by the song's music video and especially curious who played singer Hayley Williams' dad in the clip. The actor was a certain Joey Williams… yep, Hayley's father.

9.California Gurls by Katy Perry
The saucy pop singer in the kooky outfits proved a big hit in 2010. And you especially fell in love with the recently wed Mrs. Brand's song about gurls from California. The beach-friendly tune was the song of the summer, peaking at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for six consecutive weeks in June and July. It also topped the charts in over ten other countries, including UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand.

8. Not Afraid by Eminem
This was the first single released from Eminem's Recovery album and it found Slim Shady in a more positive mood than he had been in a long time, having buried many of his demons. We're not saying the Michigan rapper had laid off his dissing and cussing, but on "Not Afraid," Marshall Mathers' anger was directed more at his own past mistakes, including his previous album, Relapse. "In fact, let's be honest/ That last Relapse CD was 'ehh'/ Perhaps I ran them accents into the ground/ Relax, I ain't going back to that now," he spat. We guess Em won't be so critical of Recovery, which ended up being the best-selling album released in 2010.

7. Telephone by Lady Gaga
Here is the first entry from the Haus of Gaga. "Telephone" found Ms. Germanotta drafting in her fellow A-lister friend Beyoncé as a guest vocalist and many of you came to Songfacts to find out what the song actually meant. We told you via a Gaga quote that it was about the singer feeling suffocated as she fears not being able to enjoy herself because of her dedication to her career. You also discovered that the telephone is not an actual physical phone, but a voice in Gaga's head telling her to continue working harder.

6. Need You Now by Lady Antebellum
This was the country hit of 2010, even crossing over into the UK, where country hits are as rare as an Eminem tune child-friendly enough to be sung on Sesame Street. We shared that there were initially some concerns about "Need You Now's" lyrical content from executives at Lady A's record label regarding the song's "I'm a little drunk and I need you now' line." We suspect that the Lady Antebellum trio are unlikely to be popping up anytime soon to sing "Need You Now" with Elmo, Big Bird et al.

5. Love The Way You Lie by Eminem featuring Rihanna
You Loved "Love the Way You Lie," Marshall Mathers' examination of a rapidly deteriorating abusive relationship between two lovers. Despite its dark theme, this was Eminem's most unabashed crossover hit to date. Interesting that the song featured the vocals of Rihanna, whose own domestic violence troubles with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown made headlines around the world in 2009. You also wanted to know how the lyrical content reflected Eminem's former marriage to Kim.

4. Hey Soul Sister by Train
Initially released as a single back in August 2009, "Hey, Soul Sister," refused to be derailed and kept chugging up the charts. Then when it began to run out of steam (that's enough of the train puns! - editor), it was revived by the Glee Cast. The tune ended up as iTunes best-selling single of 2010 and the #1 Most Downloaded Song in Columbia Records history. This was another track where many of you came to Songfacts to find out the song's meaning, and we explained that it was inspired by the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert where a huge wooden man is burnt and where lead singer Pat Monahan visualized beautiful women dancing around the fire.

3. Tik Tok by Ke$ha
Kesha Rose Sebert clocked up plenty of $s with "Tik Tok," her breakthrough hit. The Nashville native's unapologetic ode won the hearts of a nation, spending nine weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. You were intrigued by the lyrics: the self-proclaimed "sick and sexified" singer's Jack Daniels-doused oral hygiene and why she woke up in the morning "feeling like P Diddy." We explained that the 'Diddy' line was inspired by her waking up the morning after a party surrounded by "the most beautiful women you've ever seen." This made Ke$ha feel like the Bad Boy boss, whose female companions have included some of the most stunning ladies in the world.

2. Bad Romance by Lady Gaga
We return now to her ladyship Gaga, who was without doubt the music celebrity of 2010. Taylor Swift may have had a bigger slice of the pop star pie, but worldwide, folks couldn't get enough of Ms. Germanotta. Whether Gaga was cooking up fresh publicity by wearing a meat dress or creating controversial videos, the singer became the most popular pop star on the planet. It is not surprising therefore that you flocked from all over the world to find out about this song. Interestingly, the country with the third most visitors to "Bad Romance's" Songfacts page after the Americans and the Brits were the residents of the Philippines. Sounds like there are plenty of adoring Gaga 'monsters' in those tropical isles.

1. Alejandro by Lady Gaga
Back in December 2009 we were freaking out about swine flu, few had heard of WikiLeaks, and there was still five months to go before "Alejandro" would be released as a single. By the end of 2010 you had viewed the "Alejandro" page more than any other song. There appeared to be three main reasons why you were going gaga for this Europop tune on Songfacts. First, you wanted to know what this song means (Gaga said it was influenced by her "fear of sex" monster). Second, you wanted to know about the influence of ABBA on "Alejandro," and indeed the New York singer has cited in interviews ABBA's 1976 song "Fernando" as an inspiration for her hit. Third, you wanted to find out about the weeping violin piece, which opens the song. We told you it incorporates the melody from "Csárdás" by Italian composer Vittorio Monti.

It remains to be seen what songs will attract your curiosity in 2011, but with the headline-grabbing New-Yorker releasing another album, it's a fair bet that several Lady Gaga tunes will make an appearance on our list in twelve months time.

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Comments: 26

  • Amelia from UsaCome on, why does everyone love to hate Pop music? In the 60's, parents thought rock and roll (which was Pop-ular music back then) would ruin the world. Same with most decades. Now, everyone thinks Pop is killing the world. Maybe we should all just go with it, and enjoy what is music to our ears! That said, several of the songs above are great party tunes, great for a good moment, or when you need a mood boost.
  • Julia from Milton, PaI agree with Jaden. In the 60s we had the beatles, the rolling stones,and the beach boys. Now we have Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, and *shudder* Justin Beiber.
  • Jadon from Port Saint Lucie, FlI'm 14 year old girl and I hate most, if not all stupid current pop songs...Pop was truly at it's best in the 60's-80's. Teens now are so gullible.
  • Stephanie. . .
    Sorry, it took me a moment to take in the fact that Lady Caca was on here 3 different times. Anyways, Most of these songs are TERRIBLE and the only reason the lyrics were viewed so much is because the listener could barely understand what the "artists" were spewing.
  • Bo from TxNo correlation between: Songs that are good *and* songs that are viewed.
  • Reg from Kemptville, OnThat's the top ten?
    No wonder I can hardly find a band I like on the 'great big list' in the newsletter. (My era is late 60s to early 70s. Was any music made after that?)
  • Wayne from Saskatoon, -the songs and artists mentioned here are popular with the teenagers,tweens and twenty somethings.they are the ones who do the most mindless web surfing.I have teenage kids and they just sit and surf,and yes these songs will have a shelf life of 3 to 5 years and then be forgotten. the popularity of these songs are related to the amount of kids who surf the has no relation to the quality of the music.
  • Mark from Sheffieldlady gaga is very good and he best song is alejandro
  • Rob from New Yorkthe only reason why these are the most looked up on songfacts is because they are so terribad that people had to look up the reason why human beings can produce such crap and get away with it.
  • Clay from South KoreaCome on now folks, this list is humour at its finest! The fact that anyone has to have the "lyrics" of these "songs" explained to them is just down right hilarious! It really speaks volumes about the intelligence and caliber of the people that like these "pop culture enema bags of songs" that are forced into our lives on every radio staion... Forget genere! Pop, rock, country, metal, ect. is now all dictated by the ignorant masses. If you want real music learn how to make it for yourself and your friends!
  • Cris from Philippinesi like all the songs in the list
  • Wolfram from RomaniaThis is not real music. These are just overhyped songs that the media is throwing in our faces, and everyone is being made to believe this is great music and this is what we should be listening to. And Mich from SD, yeah, people do have different tastes, which is why some of us don't like this music.
  • Carey from Ont, CanadaNon of this "crap " will stand the test of time...gaggggaaaahh flavor of the month... long forgotten in 7 years ( or less )
  • Dennis from Vero Beach, Fl.Obviously, whoever compiled this list, has NO IDEA what music is and if this list was actually results of a tabulation of what was most asked for; then the music industry is really hurting. C'mon people....let's bring "MUSIC" back. Enough of these so called musicians that need a gimic to make their creations fly. Most of the current "music" is GARBAGE.
  • Mich from SdLMAO! WHhat REAL MUSIC? are you guys talking about? I'm sorry they can't make indie-folk music for you snobs. But people have different tastes and its ignorant of you to say that.
  • Emily from Chesapeake, VaI think you all are quite negative. I am an aspiring music professional and this site seems to be a helpful tool for me. The lyrics of a song are a huge part of what makes people, such as myself, connect with the artist.
  • James from Norfolk , BritainThese are all the superhyped advertised products of big music corporations, force-fed to the masses, and made by rich, bloated "superstars". Where are the up-and-coming trends for the future? And please don't give us American Idol/X-factor winners... is anyone out there listening to, for example, modern English contemporary folk music? Press some buttons and call up Laura Marling or Johnny Flynn for a surprise!
  • Sunny from AlbuquerqueI don't like any of the songs on here. Brad is right, where is the real music? Lady Gaga's okay though. She has good influences (I didn't know ABBA influenced Alejandro). Even so, I weep for music now.
  • Brian from NhThe only one on the list I like is, Soul Sister
  • Herman Carmichael from Belmont NcFunny i am not a Gaga fan ...but they were played the most so i guess they should be here
  • Joseph Doney from SeattleI still don't know how rap is considered song...One SINGS a song. Song Birds sing. Crows, Ravens, Seagulls squawk, turkeys gobble-Eminem is in the latter category
  • Pasquale from Trenton, New JerseyThis list sucks, What on earth are people listening to these days? TRASH !!!
  • Natt from Bakersfield CaI agree with brad this list is full of stupid pop culture music. it sucks that pop culture is always into what is really stupid and doesn't give credit to musicians who have real talent.
  • Christina from Bg, KyThese were by far the most confusing songs of 2010, so I guess that's why there were the most popular...
  • Brad from Clearwater,flDamn. That list is pathetic. Where is the REAL music!
  • Samuel from Dover DeNot afraid is the only song on this list that doesn't suck, even that's not one of Eminems best.
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