Hate Me by Abbey Cone Track by Track

by Amanda Flinner

"Fresh and honest." That's how up-and-comer Abbey Cone describes her brand of country music. "I really care about how the song and music feels," she says. "Whenever I'm in the writing room, I know it's right when it hits me in my soul. Mostly, I care about writing honest and great songs."

And she certainly doesn't hold back on "Hate Me," the feisty title track of her debut EP, which dropped in April of 2022. Dishing out the sentiment with a side of attitude, she tells an ex-boyfriend, "If you don't love me, I hope that you hate me," and adds:

If you talk shit then I hope it's about me
'Cause at least boy you still talk about me

A native of Argyle, Texas, Cone started traveling to Nashville in pursuit of her music dreams at just 12 years old. By the time she was 16, she landed her first publishing deal and began collaborating with producer Nathan Spicer (Ryan Hurd, Maren Morris). Together, they cut the six tracks that comprise Hate Me, including her debut single, "Rhinestone Ring."

In this track by track, Cone tells us the stories behind the songs and reveals which singer influenced her edgy persona on "Hate Me."

In A Room With You

This song is about having undeniable chemistry with someone who's just not good for you. Whether that be an ex or someone you just met, it's about that person that you know you shouldn't make out with, but you still want to and you don't even want the temptation of being in the same room with them.

King Of The World

This song is the less romantic side of the small-town boy story. It's the story of the insecure ones, the ones who can't handle a girl destined for more than her hometown. The ones who think they're king of the world, but unfortunately have never experienced more than a few square miles of it.

Rhinestone Ring

This is my take on a simple country love song. I originally came up with the title and then built the story from there. It's about the love, not the wedding, and realizing that when you love someone enough, all of the extra stuff doesn't matter.

The One

"The One" is about realizing you've found true love. No matter how it ends, whether that's a breakup or marriage, you know they'll leave a mark forever. It's about struggling to accept an unknown future while feeling completely satisfied with where you're at in the moment.

Thought About You

You know that feeling when you thought you were over someone and then you see something that reminds you of them and suddenly you miss them? That's what "Thought About You" is about. It's about reminiscing and also about how time can make you remember things differently than they actually were.

Hate Me

"Hate Me" is ultimately about wanting to be remembered no matter how you're remembered. I feel like it's kind of a product of me listening to Miranda Lambert's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend record as a child. It's one of my favorite songs to sing and I'm really proud that it's the title track of my EP.

May 23, 2022

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