Hollis Brown Ozone Park Track by Track

by Carl Wiser

Thought you could use some rock and roll from a zealous young band named after a Bob Dylan song. Hollis Brown (a band, not a person), have been steadily building a following since their first release in 2013. They've opened for Counting Crows and Citizen Cope, and have earned placements on Shameless and The Real World.

Rock music these days is a niche, as most kids have hip-hop in their earbuds. This puts new bands of the genre in the Greta Van Fleet conundrum: constantly compared to acts of a previous generation (in the case of GVF, Led Zeppelin). "We want to make a statement that rock music can still be done in a modern way that is still as good as some of those acts from the past," lead singer Mike Montali says.

Ozone Park is the group's third album, out June 7, 2019. Here, Montali takes us through it track by track. Start your listening with Track 4, "Do Me Right" - the guitar riff will linger in your ears for a while.
Hollis Brown (L-R): Andrew Zehnal (drums), Mike Montali (vocals/guitar), Adam Bock (keyboards/vocals), Jonathan Bonilla (guitar)

Blood From A Stone

Modern R&B banger. Isaac Hayes meets the Black Keys sonically with lyrics that express the loneliness and heartache of divorce.

Stubborn Man

Motown groove with an Americana flair. Male ego and a Nashville-style chorus lyric brings a character to life who won't change no matter the downside.

She Don't Love Me Now

Great lyrics and swag on this song. To me, it represents someone lost with their space in the world, and realizing that their story isn't fully written, there is time to find their place and purpose.

Do Me Right

You have my back and I have yours. Even if the person is wrong you stand by them. That's true love.

After The Fire

Get stoned and turn it up.

Forever In Me

When you find the one, hold on and go for the ride. There is a certain spark or chemistry that exists between some people that gets right to the core of our animal being.

Someday Soon

This is an indie-rock banger. Playful riffs and simple structure with a bridge that breaks up the driving nature of the tune. The lyrics express the sentiment that even if things aren't great now, in the future they will be better. Keep working. Keep striving. Someday soon you will have everything you want.

The Way She Does It

She's like the wind. She'll spin you around. Pretty straightforward pop-rocking track that says something we all know to be true. Get out of her way if she puts her mind on something.

Bad Mistakes

Riff-rock classic with a certain edge and meanness missing in today's music. Catchy hook with a verse that rambles. The words are a bit of a tantrum, still not sure what they all mean but I know we have made some bad mistakes at one point or another.

Go For It

Keep hustling. Stay focused. If you want something, go after it. Things won't come to you. Straight-up rock that Run-DMC would be proud of.

June 6, 2019
Get/stream Ozone Park park here
photos: Shervin Lainez

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