She Got It

Album: Death Before Dishonor (2008)
Charted: 24
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  • This features T-Pain and Tay Dizm. 2 Pistols explained to that though T-Pain was on the song's original version it was his number: "Actually, it was a version that he (T-Pain) was on prior to J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League doin' the production, before I did my production deal. It was a prior existing version, but he was always on the record. And, people will tend to think that he made the record. Well, he didn't make the record; I wrote the record, and he basically went to the studio and dropped what I wanted him to drop. It wasn't created by him. I didn't call him like, "Yo, I need you to write me a hook, and I got this beat, so jump on that, and then I'll do the verses." No, the song was wrote by me. He added his voice to it, cool, but I think it could've gone in any direction. I really wouldn't say that he totally, one hundred percent, made the song - it could've went in any direction."
  • 2 Pistols' name is a reference to his astrological sign and the two personalities he has. He explained: "'Personalities' became 'Pistols' in reference to each personality that I have, which is two, [are] loaded, loaded with all different kinds of backgrounds. I got the street mentality background and now I'm switchin' over tryin' to directly do business, and work in the music industry. It kinda got split up - the reference is 2 Pistols; I got branded that in the streets. Instead of callin' me "Gemini," or '2 Personalities,' it [was] '2 Pistols.'"


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