Album: Time Of My Life (2011)


  • The closing track from American rock band 3 Doors Down's fifth studio album, Time Of My Life finds the five-piece rocking out like they've never rocked out before. Frontman Brad Arnold described it to Billboard magazine as, "a punk rock song, almost like a 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' song or something. It's just a rocker."
  • 3 Doors Down bass player Todd Harrell described this in our 2011 interview as the band's "Curve Ball" song - which tends to happen at least once on every record. Lead singer Brad Arnold came up with the lyrics about a younger man who gets picked up by an older woman, and ends up back at her house in an awkward situation when her husband arrives. Said Harrell: "It's a real fast song: Brad sat down and started telling a story, and the story evolved into a real heavy punk rock song. When Brad comes up with those stories, we fill in and play the music so he can finish his little story." (Here's the full Todd Harrell interview.)
  • The song is a collaboration between Arnold and rhythm guitarist Chris Roberts. The 3 Doors Down vocalist told Artist Direct: "That song came about from a guitar part. When we started writing the record, Chris brought over four or five guitar parts, and he said, 'Listen to this!' I started listening, and that one stuck out to me. I took me three or four days to wrap my head around it. I thought, 'This is too good not to write lyrics to.'"


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