Album: 3 Doors Down (2008)


  • "It's a beautiful thing that we do, you just pour your heart out onto a page," says Brad Arnold, explaining his inspiration for this song. "And I don't mind anybody looking at my heart." He especially loves when his fans interpret his lyrics in their own way, to suit their own personal situations. "Pouring your heart onto a page leaves you there, vulnerable, waiting for somebody to maybe even care to read what you wrote. And then if they read it, do they really see it? And if they see it, do they relate? And is it comfortable for them? Or is it a crutch for them? And it almost seems like sometimes you hold up a lot of weight with what you say. I mean, you're obligated to."
    At the same time, the lead singer says with a laugh, "That song is just kind of griping about being a songwriter in a way. And a lot of people kind of like that introspective view."
  • Not someone who thrives on fame, Brad enjoys relative anonymity. But he has found himself at times fending off fans who can't believe they're seeing the lead singer of 3 Doors Down in person. He says many people are surprised when they discover that Brad himself has written hits that folks sometimes haven't even recognized as being a 3 Doors Down song. "I get that more than you know," he says. "And I like it. Because I care absolutely nothing about fame. I like the fact that we can go out and be successful, and we can still go to, like Wal-Mart. Like, in my hometown, I think, Okay, that's one Wal-Mart I can't go to. Pull the hat down and like, 'Eee! I don't see you! I don't see you!'" he laughs. "But I like the fact that people sometimes don't know, and if they say, 'What band do you play for?' And I tell 'em. And they're like, 'Oh, what songs y'all singing?' And they might or might not know 'Kryptonite' and some of that stuff. But you throw out 'Here Without You' and things like that, they're like, 'You sing that?' I'm like, 'Yup.' They're like, 'Wow.'" (Check out our full interview with Brad Arnold)

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  • Zero from Nowhere, NjI love this song, one of my favorite off of the s/t album, and maybe everything the band has put out. I myself am a songwriter, and even I never get famous and sell millions of records, I hope I at least get the opportunity to form a band and perform my songs in front of people.
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