Rescue Me

  • "Rescue Me" finds 30 Seconds to Mars incorporating EDM vibes into their rock sound. The America album represents a shift in style for the band towards a more electronic and art pop aesthetic and this soaring song features a rave-ready chorus, which the band likely intended to grab the attention of remixing DJs.
  • Lyrically, the song finds frontman Jared Leto emoting about the demons in his mind.

    Whatever you do, don't ever play my game
    Too many years being the king of pain
    You gotta lose it all if you wanna take control
    Sell yourself to save your soul

    Leto said: "'Rescue Me' is a song about pain, a song about empowerment, a song about faith, and a song about freedom. Freedom from the wreckage of your past. Freedom from the bondage of self. And freedom to embrace all the promises that life has to offer.

    It's also a song about the brutal war so many of us wage against fear, depression and anxiety in the hope that we might, one day, live a life filled with happiness and dreams. Pain does not discriminate. It can affect us all. In our bodies. Our hearts. Our minds. And often, when that pain is emotional or mental, we are afraid to speak up.

    None of us are 'ok' all the time. And there shouldn't be a stigma when we aren't. Both my brother and I have had our own intense personal battles and it has, and continues to be, life changing. I try to remember that just past the darkest days await the brightest and most rewarding moments. And that change is always right around the corner."
  • Leto wrote the song with Graham Muron aka KillaGraham, who is a Dubstep producer based in LA. His other credits include Kehlani's "Running (Interlude)" and Skrillex's "Stranger."
  • The song's music video was directed by filmmaker Mark Romanek (Johnny Cash's "Hurt," Michael and Janet Jackson's "Scream"). The clip features a montage of close up shots featuring people crying, screaming and dancing against a black back drop. It includes cameos from Paris Jackson and Starcrawler's Arrow de Wilde. The visual was the first 30 Seconds to Mars one in 13 years that Jared Leto didn't direct himself.


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