Nick HexumVocals, rhythm guitar
Aaron "P-Nut" WillsBass
Chad SextonDrums
Tim MahoneyLead guitar1991-
Doug "SA" MartinezTurntables1992-

311 Artistfacts

  • In 1993, the members of 311 survived a vehicle fire after their RV went up in flames. While driving up a steep incline in Omaha, Nebraska, the RV the band was pulling that carried their gear caught fire. The only door out of the RV was surrounded by flames, so the only way out was for the band to jump through the fire. 311 later wrote about the experience in the song "Omaha Stylee."
  • Every other year, 311 celebrate "311 day" – March 11 – with a massive concert where they play an extra long set for their fans. For instance, in 2010, 311 played 60 songs from their catalogue at the Mandalay Bay Event Centre in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • 311 singer Nick Hexum used to own a private island off the coast of Florida. After he purchased the island, Hexum changed its name from "Money Key" to "Melody Key." Eventually, Hexum decided to sell the property, stating that his priorities had changed and he had not been to the island as much as he had hoped he would. Hexum listed the property in 2011 for sale for 4.9 million dollars.
  • Hexum was engaged to Pussycat Dolls vocalist Nicole Scherzinger. The couple met backstage at a Days of the New concert in 2001 but later broke up in 2004. He will not confirm or deny that the song "Amber" is about her.
  • Bassist Aaron "P-Nut" Wills' father was a chaplain for the Air Force. Prior to joining the band, Wills worked at Shoney's as a dishwasher for one week. He also played violin before picking up the bass.
  • 311 got their name from their high school. Classes ended at 3:10pm, and according to some members of the band, everyone in the group was getting high by 3:11.
  • In an interview with Premier Guitar, 311 guitarist Tim Mahoney said his two main influences were "Dimebag" Darrell Abott from Pantera and Jerry Garcia from The Grateful Dead. Although neither of those two legends played PRS guitars, Mahoney explained that he played them because "there isn't anything they can't tackle."
  • A huge influence on the band is the hardcore group Bad Brains, known for adding a touch of melody to their heavy sounds. "It was unique and on the verge of chaos most of time, spilling over into chaos and disarray," Nick Hexum told Songfacts. "We've had many opportunities to meet those guys and just thank them."

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  • Chris from NmAll members of the band have, in various interviews and in the band's album liner notes, named the band Fishbone as a major influence on them as musicians both individually and collectively as 311.
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