All Mixed Up
by 311

Album: 311 (The Blue Album) (1996)
Charted: 36
  • This song, which combines reggae, ska and rap, was co-written by 311 vocalist/DJ Douglas Vincent "SA" Martinez and vocalist/rhythm guitar player Nick Hexum. It is one of 311's most popular songs, reaching #4 on the US Modern Rock chart, and helping contribute to the band's growing fanbase in the late '90s.

    According to Hexum, the song name originated from an early 1960s interview with Elvis, in which he claimed he was "all mixed up" about his newfound fame.
  • In our interview with Nick Hexum, he cited this as one of the 311 songs that best represents the band. Said Hexum: "I think 'All Mixed Up' was a really innovative combination of styles that hadn't been tried before. And that one really had legs - it gets played on repeat over the years, but it never got obnoxiously overplayed."
  • This song experienced a short revitalization in 2007 when American Idol contestant Blake Lewis sang it in the competition and professed that 311 was his favorite band. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Paige - Winnipeg, Canada

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  • Michael from Costa Mesa, CaThis song was played on 106.7 KROQ here in the Los Angeles/Orange County area in 1996 and it was popular
  • Dawson from Draper, Utpimp song its probly the best from 311 and blake did a justice
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