She's Kinda Hot

Album: Sounds Good Feels Good (2015)
Charted: 14 22


  • This teenage anthem was written by 5SOS guitarist Michael Clifford and drummer Ashton Irwin with Good Charlotte's Benji and Joel Madden and frequent collaborator, producer John Feldmann. The press release describes the tune as a "mischievous riot of an anthem - all crunchy guitars, high octane drums and a massive chorus."
  • The Madden brothers have form with 5 Seconds of Summer. They previously co-penned their 2014 hit single, "Amnesia."
  • Ashton told Billboard magazine that the songwriters were thinking about the band's fans when they were putting the lyrics together. "Basically we just went in with the Madden brothers to write some songs, and 'She's Kinda Hot' came out of it," he explained. "We kind of planned on it being a song of revolution for our fans, and we made up the lyric 'We are the kings and the queens of the new broken scene,' and the idea of the 'new broken scene' is of a revolution for our fans to get behind. It's almost for the misfits and stuff like that, and it's for us to give our fans a place to belong."

    "The song tells a few stories of people who don't fit in," Ashton continued, "and they're being pressured to fit in, in each verse. And then it goes to the chorus saying we'll be all right, because and we're the kings and the queens of the new broken scene, and we're all together in this."
  • The song's music video was directed by Isaac Rentz, the man who filmed the guys' clips for "Good Girls," "Amnesia" and "Don't Stop." The visual shows Ashton, Luke, Michael and Calum constructing a giant float. When the chorus hits the quartet emerge with their contraption and parade it down the street, gathering with them an army of outcasts.

    The movie Mad Max was an influence on the clip. Isaac Rentz told MTV News: "The guys mentioned that they really liked Mad Max and I'm like, 'What would it look like if we created a 'Mad Max' vehicle in the suburbs using what you would find in your dad's garage?'"

    The video was filmed at the Warner Brothers lot in Hollywood and the house that the band members are sitting outside of was also used in the party movie, Project X. "It was so coincidental, but it's kind of fun because of where the video goes at the end," Rentz said. "We picked that house primarily because we thought it looked cool and we found out afterwards it was that house."
  • Fans of both 5SoS and My Chemical Romance have pointed out the similarities between this song and My Chemical Romance's 2006 single, "Teenagers." Michael Clifford suspects the comparisons are all down to the "12-bar blues."

    "I think it might be in the same key as well," the guitarist told Billboard magazine. "People were like, 'You guys should sound more like My Chemical Romance.' Then we do sound like My Chemical Romance and people are like, 'Why the f--k do you sound like My Chemical Romance?' Ugh!"
  • 5SoS explained to Notion magazine what being the "kings and the queens of the new broken scene" means to them. "That song came about because everyone was naming their fan bases and we found it a little lame, in all honesty," the band said. "There's more to our band, you know. We're here to enforce positivity and a light into our fans' lives, so the idea of the 'new broken scene' is sort of a movement that's about more than just music - it's saying we're all in this together, you know."
  • Sounds Good Feels Good debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200. This meant that 5 Seconds of Summer became the first band (not vocal group) to have its first two full-length studio albums enter the US album chart at its peak position.


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