In Da Club

Album: Get Rich or Die Tryin' (2003)
Charted: 3 1


  • Produced by Dr. Dre and Mike Elizondo, the track was created for Eminem's group D-12 to rap over, with the intention of using it on the 8 Mile soundtrack. It never came together for D-12, but after 50 Cent signed with Dre's Shady/Aftermath label, he was brought into the studio and offered the track. According to Elizondo, he spent an hour writing the lyrics and recorded most of his vocals that night.

    The song was released as 50's first single, and it became a huge hit, topping the US Hot 100 for nine weeks. Predictably, it was especially popular in clubs, where some DJs played it twice in a row to satisfy demand.
  • This was he first song 50 recorded with Dr. Dre, and his first on a major label. After being dropped by Columbia Records without releasing an album, 50's mix tapes became wildly popular in underground scene and he was heavily bootlegged on the Internet. This got the attention of Dr. Dre and Eminem, who signed him to very lucrative deal with their label, Shady/Aftermath Records.
  • The video shows 50 going through training at Shady/Aftermath Records to become a superstar. It proved prophetic as 50 did become a star. The album sold 872,000 copies the first week it was released. Eminem is the only rapper to sell more records in a week.
  • This won for Best Rap Video at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards. 50 also won for Best New Artist In A Video.
  • 50 Cent namechecks five different rappers in this song: Dr. Dre, Eminem, Xzibit, Lloyd Banks and Tupac. While the song is about going to a club in thug style, it covers a lot of ground, including some of 50's backstory ("been hit with a few shells").
  • Beyoncé recorded a version with different lyrics that was circulated on the Internet. Like the original, it became very popular in dance clubs. Her lyrics take the point of view of a girls' night out, and is called "Sexy Lil' Thug."
  • Mary J. Blige used the beat in song called "Hooked," which she recorded with P. Diddy.
  • Other rappers who used this beat include Bubba Sparxxx, who did a version called "In The Mudd," and Cadillac Tah, one of 50 Cent's rivals, who did an angry version called "There's A Snitch In The Club." Beyoncé and Mary J. Blige also recorded variations of it. Parody versions include "In Da Pub" by British DJ 50 Pence, and "In Da Dome," which was recorded for The Calgary Flames during the 2004 NHL playoffs. A Finnish rap group called Urbaanilegenda recorded a version called Klubilla (In Da Club in Finnish). >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France
  • The line, "Go shorty, it's your birthday," dates back to a 1994 song by Luther Campbell of The 2 Live Crew called "It's Your Birthday," where he rapped, "Go Sheila, it's your birthday." The owner of Campbell's copyright sued 50 Cent, accusing him of stealing the line.
  • In 2007, this song was used in a commercial for Vitamin Water, with an orchestra playing the instrumental and 50 Cent conducting. 50 really did have his money on his mind: he was an early investor in Vitamin Water, and made a huge profit when the company was acquired by Coca-Cola.
  • This song became a hip-hop classic in part because of the line at the beginning, which is a much more quick and contemporary birthday tune than "Happy Birthday."

    "Every day it's someone's birthday," 50 said. "So it never loses it's relevance."
  • This was chosen as 50 Cent's debut single by chance. "We couldn't decide on the first single from Get Rich," Eminem recalled on Rap Genius. "It was going to be either 'If I Can't' or 'In Da Club.' We were torn, so me, 50, Paul, Chris Lighty, and Jimmy Iovine decided to flip a coin."

    50 recalled to NME that he stayed out of the argument. "I didn't want to stir the pot," he said. "In the end, though, they were deadlocked, and so they asked me and I told them, real quiet: "In Da Club". And that was it. The rest was history."

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  • Daniel from Winchester, OhI like how the person I downloaded this song from on Frostwire thought the genre was Euro-Techno, LOL what a stupid person..
  • Fine Brown Sugar from Kansas City, Moi love this song cause you will find me up in the club
  • Andrew from Herndon, VaThe Massacre and Da Carter 3 both sold over a million in their first week.
  • Daniel from Jacksonville, FlAlright Amanda of Saltlake, If you don't like rap, then don't listen to it, and if you don't like commenting rap, then don't comment it (de de de)!
  • Amanda from Salt Lake City, UtI am not a huge fan of rap either, but I don't go commenting on a rapper saying that rap is crap. That is stupid and immature. People like what they like, just like you like what you like. So stop acting like a 13 year old.
  • Keriah from Naples, Flfor all you stupid little bitches up here saying rap is crap then simply dont listen to it why the hell would you be comming to a blog that has to do with a rapper you dont see me going to the Bon Jovi site and a saying rock is crap, your probably just a bunch of little white kids who dont know anything about hip-hop anyways rap doesn't have any worse influence on people than rock and punk do.
  • Se7 from Pomona, Cahmm.. I didnt even read all this... but somethin did catch my eye "i dont even like rap... rappers are such bad role models"... yeah.. see, the thing about that is, i bet your white.. and if your not, your just plane stupid. im not acist but my reasoning is this.. the only people who let a complete stranger who is in fact human so is prone to the urges that money power and fame brings about decide and show their kids whats right and whats wrong.. are white folks or morons... minorities might idolize poeple, but they dont do what a famous person does... lil white kids on the other hand VERY different story.. get off ya fat a**, and parent your kids and stop worrying about what another person does.. rapper or otherwise, period.
  • Steve from Chicago, IlTo all of those people who think all of the rap naysayers should leave this section or to not "listen to it if you don't like it". I normally would agree with that. However, music like 50's promotes so many negatives killing people. Wow, that's cool! That's all America needs is a guy with bullet holes all over him rapping about slinging crack and how money rules over everything. Kid's everywhere eat him up and are stupid enough to believe him. So of course I am going to protest a rapper like 50 because he promotes things that ruins our country. I like rap and hip hop, but it is mostly groups like A Tribe Called Quest and J5 who don't need to pretend to act like they are ghetto fab.

    Sarah from Cambridge, England I'm sure you enjoy getting wicked smashed in da pub to this song, but I'm just a little bit more concerned about the 300 teens who were shot this year alone in my city because they want to grow up to be just like famous fiddy.
  • Jessica from Broken Arrow, OkGreat song. Love it when it comes on da club!!!
  • Rap Aint Crap from Ny, Nyif i hear anyone sayin rap is crap..well then ill come after u lol i listen to rap and i dnt do drugs and alcohol and dat. rap is way betta than rock and all dat other sh*t =)
  • Atsve from Cairns, Australia50 Cent makes me sick, he grew up in a violent neighbourhood, suffered and has family members dead because of it, atleast he says so. But if he cared, he wouldn't go and make money from it, and make violence and racial discrimination sound like a fantasy, he would put a message out saying that it is bad, just like Tupac and Eminem do. How can someone who had such a bad life turn out so calm and relaxed and such a good showperson. He is a sh*t all lyricist, thats for sure.

    0 - raised without a father and mom gave birth to him at fifteen.
    8 - cocaine dealing mother got murdered (AGE *!!!), moved in with about a dozen aunties and uncles.
    10 - started dealing narcotics. Took guns and drug money to school and got arrested.
    Until 19 - tons of bad sh*t like getting arrested.
    19 - Arrested twice for selling drugs, possesion of drugs and weapons.
    25 - shot nine times, (including the chest and at almost point blank)

    Product - a rich, high selling, businessman who still to this day, does not care about making a "good change" but only cares about money. Someone who has been given so many things for nothing but at the same time has sufferd alot and experienced life as a thug or underprivilidged kid still doesn't give back what he he gotten. People have given him a record label for goodness sakes. Still he sits around eating benjis all day and rapping about his high life. Kids in other countries are dying for god's sakes. He even said himself that he got into the business to make money and fame. Peole like that know what is going on and still don't care, that is greed, besides he can't rap anyway.

  • Atsve from Cairns, AustraliaIn Da Club is just like 50 Cent's other songs, it is about sex, drugs, money and nightclubs. %0 Cent may be one of the artists we will remember in 30 years, but he won't be one of the one's we credit with inspiring us. His lyrics are rediculously egotistical. I have heard 50 Cent in interviews and man, he is nothing like his songs, infact I reckon 50 Cent is one big hoax. This guy in the interview was calm and colected, complimented the men AND women there and was very nice. How can someone be that nice when they grew up in Queens, in New York, half their family are dead, spend hours writing lyrics that degrade homosexuals and any one they have "beef" with, grew up being a drug dealer getting underpaid and literally spat on by the government and was shot nine times in a drive by just showing the other problems he had. He is a one man show and we have to realise that. Just my opinion. But Eminem, Nas and Dre are no doubt better in the rap industry than fiddy is.
  • Layne from New York, NyThis is da best song ever.Misbah what do you mean they're not good role models? they're RICH.I think you is a playa hata
  • Misbah from Livingston, NjI don't like this song. I actually don't like rap at all. Rappers are not good role models. It's all about violence, drugs, alcohol, degrading females, and talking about how much money they have. Also, they have foul mouths. People who listen to this garbage are most likely to do drugs, and drink alcohol. Why do you think there are problems with underage drinking, is because of this junk. It's sad how it's all about what's popular, now.
  • Steve from Winnipeg, Canadayo word dog fiffy is in da hood dog was up hommies
  • Steve from Winnipeg, Canadathis song is the sh*t yo
  • Dj from Rockland, Mapersonally i like 50's music
    but seriously most people who are hatin him either just dont like rap or u dont like his class
    most people hate it when rappers are on the radio singin about sex like in the candy shop
    and little kids hear this on kiss 108 and they think hes talkin about a candy store when really they dont know the true meanin and theyre parents change the station in disgust and embarassment and if theres one thing rap will never match is the class of rock and the number of fans
    u cant get in to a 50 cent concert without all the craze and danger zone...meanwhile u can get in to a rock concert at ease and have a great time
    id love to see 50 in concert but i dont know
    if anyone saw my itunes library ud laugh
    rap-rock-rap-rock-punk-rap all of that all mixed up..
  • Matija from Zagreb, Croatiaups, it was 'Go, Go, Go FRATBOY, it's your Birthday, and we gonna party like it's your birthday' from the movie American Pie 1 produced 1999,- Doesn't anybody know if it was stolen, or probably used before somewhere
  • Jesus from Halifax, MeCurtis "Fifty Cent" Jackson likes to frequent night clubs. He likes to party with females in said nightclubs, and make them feel as festive as they would on their birthdays. Mr. Jackson and his fellow revellers consume an inordinate amount of Bicardi Rum. Mr.Jackson does not care that it isn't the birthday of his female entourage, he shall rejoice as though it were.

    You can often find Mr.Jackson in nightclubs drinking champange right from the bottle. Mr. Jackson will probably also be in possesion of 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (street name: extascy). He will gladdly dispense this drug to all those that care to partake. Mr. Jackson is actively seeking out emotionally-dettached sex. If you would like to have emotionally-dettached sex with Mr. Jackson, simply embrace him.

    Mr. Jackson generally travels to nightclubs in Mercedes Benz automobiles, with an entourage of twenty, well-armed, associates. Mr.Jacksoin has engaged in sexual intercourse with Andre "Dr. Dre" Young, and this relationship has given him status in his community. Mr. Jackson's record sales are comprobale to Marshal "Eminem" Mathers, and that makes him attractive to prostitutes.

    Mr. Jackson has smoked marijuana cigarettes with Alvin "Xzibit" Joiner (editor's note: no wonder he changed his name to Xzibit). Mr. Jackson's body language gives off the impression that he is a basketball player or possibly a manager of prostitutes. Mr. Jackson has recieved multiple gunshot wounds, none of which have impaired his bipedial mobility. In the slums of cities his physique is commented upon by females. Those females like him, but at a lesser degree than that of the late Lesane "Tupac Shakur" Parish Crooks- an issue that Mr. jackson laments. Mr. Jackson suggests that you shout to others that he is mentally impaired, when in the city of New York.

    Mr. Jackson plans to monopolize the Hip/Hop entertainment business. Mr. Jackson has a keen business sense. He has made $1 million, but is still working on growing his assets. One female relates to Mr. Jackson's vocalizations. This woman and Mr. Jackson will likely engage in sexual intercourse, along with a third woman, who is a bisexual.

    Mr. Jackson's entertainment skills have brought him great prosperity and high-end material goods. He no longer has to spend his money at K-Mart. His recent windfall has not changed his personality.

    You should be happy that Mr. Jackson is sucessful. Mr. Jackson precieves you as being upset by his sucess. Mr. Jackson prefers to think of himself as a man at a tavern, toasting to sucess. He accusses you of being a sodomite and a detriminet to his sucess. Mr. Jackson loves thrusting his penis at nightclubs. He flirts with women in relationships by winking- if they smile, he has sexual intercourse with them. If the nightclub is on fire, than Mr. Jackson is not concerned. Mr. Jackson is also not concerned with fiscal matters. Mr. Jackson wishes to tell you an ancedote told to him by one Christopher "Lloyd Banks" Lloyd: "Even if other people do not like you, it doesn't matter if you are making money." Mr. Jackson drinks champange in public. You know where Mr. Jackson currently resides.

    Mr. Jackson knows that you know where he has been in the past. He advises you not to lie about such matters. Mr. Jackson is in nightclubs constinantly. This song is about to end.
  • Roger from Hacienda Heights, Caagainst the likes of Apathy or Rise from the Demigodz clique or Vinnie Paz from Jedi Mind Tricks, or even Canibus, or ChinoXL, 50 would get ripped on the mic so bad.....
  • Matija from Zagreb, CroatiaIn the Movie "American Pie" PRODUCED 1999 during the striptease a kid does infront of Nadia another kid starts singing "Go TrickBoy, it's your birthday" the very same thing that starts this thing by half a dollar.
  • Matija from ZagrebIt's not even half-a-dollar's mp3 it's made by Dr.Dre who's also fruity as that wannabe black that he hired ---- The In the.... mp3 became big in 2003 - the instrumental was made by Dr Dre in collaboration with a phylharmonic orkestra from which you hear the specific short sound of trumpets and saxophone (the best instrument to use if you want to have a hit , just listen to Rick James - I feel Good) .... it is needless to say that half-a-dollar wants to kill everyone and even everyone's mom just like that wannabe black m&m that Dr Dre hired and this exaggeration of violence without any apparent reason to act like that and say things like (also the pure ugliness) that is what cost that low iq guy "the best new asrtist" award in grammy awards ---- apart from that Dre made a good work on the instrumental which sadly should've been used either by him or someone else insted of giving it to someone promoting violence without reason -too sadly that genre of music died with Biggie' death (sad but true) -
  • Daniel Roberto DÃ?az from Panama City, OtherIf you waste your time, by coming in here and write about rap and how you hate it, I must say that deep inside you guys like it, or at least you have danced it before, but maybe you don't even know how to dance if you are some white dudes, red necks, loving Coldplay and some sh+t
  • Kyle from Parkland, FlIgnorance is bliss isn't it Jimmy? I wonder how many books your 'musicians' have read lately. 50 has more talent in his earlobe then you have period. hes a shrewd businessman and hes taking hip-hop to the top. i hope you learn how to use your remote, because hes not going anywhere either.
  • Richard from London, CanadaI agree wit Pat, Anna and Lorne. And Jimmy......don't even write sh*t on here. Yo Leshaun why do you even care about what your nephew listens to. 50 Cent is one of the best rappers. R.I.P. TUPAC. Believe me, rap wont die until a long time. And personally i dont like rock/punk music, but do u rockers/punks see me complainin about rock music?? for all u rockers who hate rap...just switch the channell or change the radio station when rap comes on.
  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaThe only reason i am here is because I searched "50 cent is garbage" on google. But why do come and write in here if you think he is garbage?
  • Sarah from Cambridge, Englandhey why is every1 dissing 50 if you dont like him or his music then y listen. you shouldnt even look at 50s section on this site if you dont like him, so if you dont want to listen then y do you. its pethetic you come on this site for a good old nag and moan do you?? its stupid. 50 raps about real situations that some one in our community goes through maybe not every day but someone does go through it at least once in there lives. many ppl make out that you cant understand a word rappers are saying but if you listen to something once and you like it then you listen again therefore learn the lyrics. yes i agree with JORDAN from CANADA the only reason 50 is big is because of eminem and dre ect but take dre for example he made himself as did most rappers and in my eyes so has eminem and 50 cent. they started thanks to dre and others but they soon ditched others styles and made their own. so im going to stop and finish with this, if you dont like rap or if its just 50 you dont like, dont listen to rap or 50s misic. listen to something else, theres enough choice and stop complaining afterall there is always someone out there who likes it otherwise it wouldnt be so big, stop tring to make people dislike rap because you do, let people who like it listen to it without hastle because if you say no you cant listen to something then people are just going to listen to it even more. LEAVE RAP ALONE ITS NOT THAT BAD if you dont like it dont listen. personally rap rules!!!
  • Luis from Seou;, Korea - Southlook look all of you people stop talking trash about 50. if you don t know 5o is way better than green day and all tha punk music trash but i got to say that all the 80 s stuff is really good.
  • Mandy from Calgary, CanadaI would like to make a comment. Rap sucks. Any-one who thinks it is more popular then other music, must have a fried brain. Society is falling to pieces. All we ever hear about is the terrible things that are happening to young girls- or shootings or robbery. And we wonder who is influencing this? Well, can we take a look at some of the lyrics in 50 cents music. No, can we take a look at lyrics in ANY piece of crap, rap song? Its no wonder that young women are getting violated or that our own peers feel the need to shoot people. All this music does is encourage teen pregnancies by making it seem okay to do the kinds of things that are described in some of rap artist's songs. I am sick and tired of it all. All rap is, is a bunch of either terrible lyrics, or meanlingless lyrics arranged to the annoying background of muffled and loud bass and high pitched annoying sounds. People- cant you see that rap is RUINING YOUR MIND. I advise you- go to the music store- and pick up a copy of a beatles c.d. or something. See if it isnt better than your crap. You'll be a much happier person for it- because you wont want to shoot your friend. :)

    p.s. Heck- any-thing is better than rap! Any-thing. Just buy something else people.
  • Joe from Finksburg, MdOkay, you all oviously dont listen to any songs that actually have meaning. Yea "In Da Club" sounds awesome has a cool beat and all but does anyone listen for lyrics. Look at some of 50's other songs like "Many Men". The lyrics in this song are...the best. An exaple "Sunny days wouldnt feel special if it wasnt for rain, Joy wouldnt be so good if it wasnt for pain, Death gotta be easy cause life is hard, it will leave you phisicly, mentaly and emotionaly scarred". Thats real. Also "In the bible it says what goes around comes around, This N***a shot me three weeks later he got shot down, now its clear Im here for a real reason, cause he got hit like I got hit but he aint f***in breathin" which is true for fifty. He got shot 9 times. Hes real.
  • Leshaun from Memphis, TnMy newphew listens to this animal. I tell you, he's garbage.

    Have you taken the time to listen to what he talks about on his albums? This fellow is not a musician, he's a thug who is "getting over" on people by selling them CDs.

    It's crap.
  • Lauren from Lincoln, EnglandI agree, however isnt cadburys the best chocolate on the planet?
  • Chris from Marana, AzRap is like any other genre; 95% of it is crap. Judging rap by, say, this song, is like judging rock and roll by watching MTV and claiming what they show represents the whole.

    Rap has a quality control issue largely because there are a lot of people who feel they still have to defend it as a genre, and so are less than willing (except when talking among themselves) to condemn cruddy hip hop, for fear that they're somehow giving comfort to their critics.

    Rap at its best is about "skills." Having heard groups like Eric B and Rakim (on tracks like "Follow the Leader,") Run DMC (Peter Piper), Pete Rock and CL Smooth (Mecca and the Soul Brother), Public Enemy ("By the Time I Get to Arizona"), and even lesser known groups like Group Home (Livin' Proof), I find it hard to give any credit at all to guys like 50 Cent who just do not impress me.

    And it is pretty amazing the way complete moral degenerates have become heroes in the rap world. I'm hardly an expert on hip hop, but to me the idea of hip hop was, you have these underpriviliged kids living in urban squalor, a place which a lot of white folks considered "cultureless." No money for textbooks, not to mention musical programs...but wait, dad's got an old turntable he doesn't use...And maybe I can't sing but I have a story to tell, and I can tell it in a rhythm most drummers couldn't even drum.

    Rhyming, DJing, graffiti, and breakdancing - the sum of the parts greater than the whole...Now it is true that *anyone* can rap; at least anyone with working vocal chords. The issue is that not everyone can rap *well* and the best MCs really are talented, even though, if you've been raised on the Top 40 garbage of the last 10 years, you might not understand this.

    One would think that if you lived in a crime-ridden ghetto you'd be appalled by the violence, drug addiction, and all of the other plagues of inner city life, and you'd want to build a scene, a united front against all of this. I don't see how much of what is played on the radio or television contributes anything positive. Moral bankruptcy seems to be the baseline these days as does constant, never-ending bragging about sexual escapades, tossing money in slow motion to the camera, outright sexism, and in some cases glorification of a violent, criminal lifestyle. Worse yet, so many of the people who slog this garbage and call it art never want to take responsibility for what they say or do. They can advocate any kind of degeneracy, and when challenged, fall back on the cop-out that they're "just reporting life, like it is." You know what that is? That's being b****-made. That's all it is. And the vast majority of people who want to say whatever they want, however they want, and dodge responsibility when people can't tell if they're advocating something, reporting on something they saw, or mere high-school braggadocio, are indeed, just a bunch of lame, low-life punks. And if you are honest about advocating selling drugs (and wrecking lives), shooting people, whatever, to me you're just a criminal, and any idiot can be a criminal. It is not ennobling.

    The rap world needs to start recognizing quality and talent when it comes around and through what they lay their money down for in record stores, start encouraging talent rather than pimping out anything that comes along that calls itself hip-hop. Hint: Any group that constantly references "getting paid" probably isn't it, as any long time rock fan would point out. It's not about being a Big Money Hustla, it's about skilled rhymes and dropping science and tearing **** up on a turntable, and at least sometimes, having something worthwhile to say.

    Morever, it's about not being a *POSER*, which so much of the rap world is, in its pretense to being some kind of gangsta. 50 Cent may well be one, but the fact that people tend to be endlessly fascinated by this, and give him *credit* for being a degenerate criminal, is one primary reason why heavy criticism will always dog rap, and why so much of the criticism of mainstream rap is completely deserved.

    Also threatening each other with violence constantly tends to make people consider rap a sick joke. That should probably stop too. When the gangsta fetishists realize that any idiot - and I do mean *any* idiot - can take up a gun and shoot someone, or sell drugs, maybe things will improve. The greatest enemies of hip hop right now are undiscerning hip hop fans and the phonies and degenerates whose records they buy. There is room for disagreements on matters of taste, but at best, In Da Club is disposable pap - rap's answer to Britney Spears. And if you don't see that, I can't do nothin' for yuh man.
  • Gener from Las Vegas, NjI'm white, raised on rock and rap. Do singer's play their own instruments? Fifty uses the mic like any other singer in a band with people who play their "own" instruments. Besides changing up the inflection, word count per line, etc. (as opposed to many rock songs which the melody is simply repeated) 50 freestyles. How many rockers can sing improvisationally without making asses of themselves or retreating to stale blues lines. And playing their own instruments--ever hear a Mozart symphony. Did you think he had that many hands? What do you think the producers are doing in the studio? Hitting random buttons till they get a hit? Rap is not going away--it morphs all the time (just because the Roots are getting bigger doesn't mean rap is moving completely toward rock/band/whatever--remember De La, Tribe Called Quest, Jungle Bros? The Roots are a healthy additive to rap, not a new genre). Plus rap is over 25 years old and strong in the underground AND the main stream--hair metal, grunge, etc. didn't make the cut. Death metal is amazingly long-lived but not mainstream. All the nu-metal that is on the radio is completely indebted to the dj and rock/rap crossovers from the 80s and 90s (Anthrax/Public Enemy; Judgement Night soundtrack).
  • Victor from Cleveland, TnJIMMY, if you do not like rap music then don't listen to it! If you are watching TV and a rap video comes on, then turn the channel. I'm tired of hearing people complain about stuff that they don't like, but are constantly exposing themselves to it. I don't like "death metal" but i don't complain about it. Why did you even decide to look at this particular song if you hate rap.
  • Thomas from Prince George, CanadaIs it just me, or do all Rap/Hip-Hop videos contain the same things?
    - The settings are are always at a party/club
    - Women dancing/shaking their "booty"/rubbing the buttocks on someones groin.
    - Quick flashes of beautiful cars.
    - Quick flashes of bling bling/jewelry
    - Slow motion poses
    - "Fashionable" Clothing
  • Peter from Carmel, InAmen Lorne! And Jimmy, help me out here. I guess I was out of town when alternative died. It's too bad the Goo Goo Dolls aren't still around.
  • Lorne from Toronto, CanadaI hate rockers and punks who write rap off as crap without actually listening to enough of it. Clearly there are alot of artsits out there for the "bling" (alot of mainstream rappers now get paid to mention products in their songs) and talking about women as hoes and all; but you guys are obviously getting all your intake of rap in from MTV and crappy radio stations where even the commercials have beats. Some of the most poetic and moving lyrics I have heard have come from rappers.
  • Anthony from Wichita, KsJimmy, I agree with you, this rap fad has gone on way too long. Rap used to be an okay thing until it hit the mainstream. When that happened, it all went down the drain. Now the rap today is basically pop, so think of rap groups as boy bands. Also, I believe rap contributes nothing to our society other than the degrading of women and violent disputes over some stupid colors. Rap nowadays is about how much money you have what possesions you own and how many "hoes" you are with, I really don't care what the hell you have, music isn't about that its about expressing your thoughts of how you feel into words that can be displayed to others in a positive manner, when was the last time you heard a positive message from this 50 cent character? and shouldn't it be 50 cents and not 50 cent?
  • Virna from Santo Domingo, Otherwell i think that 50 cents " in da club "song is pretty cool , but he kinda sounds like something that isn't going to last long..
  • Louis from London, EnglandIf you like this you'll love '50 pence - in da pub'
  • Rich from Union, NjJimmy my man you need to wake up and realize what world your living in. Your opinion of hip-hop is just proof that you've never actually sat down and listened to it. A simple axiom of life is that in order to hate something you need to know why. Yet you come out with, "They say what what what what a lot." Now let me just throw it out there that i really don't like 50. He is a dick he is not a model human being, but that's ok because he's doing somehting neither fo us can do. You make it sound like all the legends of the past hundred years even were runners up for the nobel peace prize or something. Scott Weiland has been in rehab more times than i can count. Even someone like Glenn Miller, if your grandparents had premarital sex it was because of him. Since I'm a careing individual though I'll help you out. Listen to people like Dilated Peoples, Non Phixion, Cali Agents, The Visionaries. All intellectual, poetic rap. If you get HBI watch the show Def Poetry, another intellectual, mostly black show. So in any case peace and blessings man. I kinda hope you realize that your ideas that rap=bad black music are ancient. And just as a by the way I'm a white guy who listens to rock...mostly classic rock and I've hung out in "50's hood" at night and I'm still here. Just thought you should know.
  • Pat from Stony Brook, NyWhat genre of music does Jimmy from Cali listen to, because his knowledge of the subject is quite limited. We're white, conservative, intelligent, and we enjoy listening to 50 Cent... and two of us grew up in Jackson Heights. No one here is saying 50 Cent's a great man, but "In da Club" is a great song. Bill Clinton is "a piece of human garbage", yet somehow, he held the most important position in the country. As for "fads", let us tell you that Hair Metal is very much alive. Motley Crue and Def Leppard still sell out consistently wherever they perfrom. Bon Jovi began as a hair metal band, and they still respect their roots. But enough about that: rappers are poets, and the famous ones happen to be very good poets. There are plenty of best-selling poets out there whose work is literary rather than musically based and whose subject matter can be just as offensive. The fact that they're not on television and making seven figures a month doesn't make them any less despicable. As far as we can remember, writing rhymes and producing rythm and beat to go with them is musical talent. In addition, rappers' abilities to improvise these rhymes (also known as freestyling) further adds to their talent. Long live Fitty...
    - Pat, Evan, Matt and Sean from Georgetown Law
  • Brian from Alexandria, VaWELL SAID Jimmy from Redondo Beach or should I say Bill O'Reilly in disguise. If you are interested, ESPN NFL Countdown is looking for a new side kick now that Rush has left. Actually, I agree with most of what you said just not the politically incorrect fashion in which it was said.
  • Pedrin from Rio De Janeiro, BrazilI don't care if 50 Cent is this or that but in da club is really good song.
  • John from Boca Raton, FlTo Jimmy from California:
    Rap _is_ on the way out, fortunately. Already bands like the Roots are moving in to take the place of the shrinking rap scene. I was actually just watching a video on MTV of a band with a white keyboardist, black guitarist, black bassist and black drummer. The guitarist was playing pedal steel and soloed on the thing? This kind of hip-hop infused folk isn't really my cup of tea, but it's better than rap.
  • Jimmy from Redondo Beach, Ca50 Cent is a piece of human garbage and the fact that society glamorizes this kind of music and rewards such low lifes is absolutely appalling. He's a former drug dealer, a former street hustler, and a former gang member and should be wearing an orange jump suite and picking up trash on the side of the road as opposed to being a huge superstar. He has no grasp of the English language and like most rappers, has absolutely no musical talent. Rap is only popular because it panders to people whose intelligence level is of the lowest common denominator. Unlike real musicians who play their own instruments and have actually read a book in their lifetime, rappers like 50 Cent just get on the mic and start spouting off a bunch of Ebonics and white kids eat it up. The same stupid white kids who would get robbed, car jacked and beaten within an inch of their life if they ever rolled thru 50's "hood" after dark. They say every fad eventually comes to an end (i.e. Disco, Hair Metal, Grunge, Alternative, etc.) and that being true, I will be soooo glad when this Hip Hop craze bites the dust like many of its "artists" normally do. I mean, what happened to being a musician? To actually "playing an instrument" and "creating" your own music?" I don't think a bunch of former gang members, drug dealers, and street criminals prancing around on stage dressed like they're about to parachute out of an airplane while hooting and hollering saying "what, what, what, what..." over and over and over again counts as music. There is something wrong with our society when success lies in being a street criminal turned rapper and not through hard work, education, and being a decent member of the human race.
  • Jordan from Sherwood Park, CanadaThe only reason why 50 is so high in society is cause of eminem and dre...yet still 50's the best!
  • Sarah from Toronto, CanadaDoes anyone else notice that this has been overplayed, overdone and over-stupid. (yes i know i made the damn word up, but my hatred towards this song is so large, i dont really care)
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