Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie

  • This song could be about drugs or weapons. The line "I need more, I need more" is a common excuse for demanding something you want. The line "Don't ask what it's for, don't ask what it's for" could indicate that the person is trying to hide their true intentions. The line "I know the world's got problems, I've got problems of my own. They ain't the kind that can be solved with an atom bomb" indicates that the person's problems are less devastating for the world and are more personal problems. >>
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    Aaron - Hollister, MO
  • This was originally recorded by the Punk band Black Flag on their Damaged LP, released in 1981.

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  • Darren from Charlotte, NcIt's merely about youth angst, I don't think it goes any deeper than that.
  • Heather from Marquette, MiConsidering this song appeared on Emotive, a highly anti-war cover song album, I'm guessing this songs has to deal with the desensitization that ocurrs in a country during a time of War. That's my two cents.
  • Max from Long Beach, NyThe song could most likely be about drugs.but when you say "gimme" you are not just damanding something but it can also stand for greed (not just demand but want).The song could be about a man robbing a bank for all we know.he could want more money.He could be having a drug proublem and need money to support it(dont ask what its for);and saying that the proublem cant be solved with an atom bomb is just saying that his proublem cant be helped.The song is open to interpretation.
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