You're My Song

Album: Wild & Free (2012)
  • This was penned by the band when they were knocking around different ideas. It was inspired by one of Lynyrd Skynyrd's classic tunes. A Rocket To The Moon singer Nick Santino recalled to Artist Direct: "I remember singing this chorus melody. I couldn't think of any words, but 'Sweet Home Alabama' kept jumping in my head for some reason. When we write songs, we always have the melody. We'll throw random words out there to fill in the blanks. I kept singing, 'Sweet Home Alabama' and I thought, 'How can we put that in a song?' We decided to put a bunch of other song titles in there to. We're writing about a person who makes you feel the same way you felt when you heard a certain song. We wanted to get that emotion and tie it in with music. It's unique and clever. I love that song."
  • The lyrics contain a number of song titles that build a love song. Santino told Artist Direct: "The ones we landed on are pretty good. The first lyrics are 'I grew up on The Beatles and you were raised on The Rolling Stones.' That shows we listen to everything. There's a Lynyrd Skynyrd reference and a Tom Petty reference. It's a little bit of everything. We wanted to give people a joyride showing what we're into. Instead of writing a song that sounds like Tom Petty, we say we listen to him. Live, the dads in the crowd come up to us after and go, 'Dude, sick Bruce Springsteen reference!'"
  • The song was originally released on the band's 2012 That Old Feeling EP.


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