Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter Artistfacts

  • December 7, 1987
  • Aaron Carter was born in Tampa, Florida, where his parents owned and operated a retirement home. He scored his first record deal when he was just 10 years old. Growing up, Carter felt that he'd been pushed into the music business too early, and his parents constantly fought over the money he was earning. This eventually led to their divorce.
  • At age 7, Aaron Carter started his performing career as the lead singer of a rock band called Dead End. Carter left the band after two years because they wanted to play alternative music and he wanted to be a pop star.
  • In 2003, it was discovered that Aaron Carter was dating both Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan at the same time. This caused a public rift between Duff and Lohan. He broke up with Lohan in April the same year and resumed dating Duff. Later that year, Carter also cheated on Duff, resulting in the end of their two-year relationship.
  • In September 2002, Aaron Carter released Another Earthquake, an album that featured the patriotic anthem "America A.O." The record went platinum and Carter appeared on the TV shows All That and Liberty's Kids the same year.
  • In 2006, Trans Continental sued Aaron Carter for not fulfilling a record deal he'd signed with the company two years earlier. Carter's lawyer argued that the singer had a right to reneg on contracts that he signed as a minor and Carter won the lawsuit.
  • Aaron Carter and his four siblings starred in a show called House of Carters that ran from October to November 2006 on E! On October 21, 2006, Saturday Night Live parodied House of Carters with Andy Samberg pretending to be Aaron Carter and Jason Sudeikis acting as his famous older brother Nick.
  • On February 21, 2008, Aaron Carter was pulled over for speeding in Texas. Police found less than two ounces of marijuana in his car and Carter was arrested.
  • In 2011, Aaron Carter's manager announced that the singer had entered rehab to treat an undisclosed addiction. Carter wrote a message to his fans saying, "The main thing in life is not to be afraid of being human." Carter successfully completed two months of rehab at the Betty Ford Center in California and resumed his career short after.


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