Silverado Saturday Night

Album: American Soul (2020)
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  • Written by Aaron Watson with Monty Criswell and Phil O'Donnell, this lighthearted song speaks to the freedoms of a weekend. The singer can't think of any better way of spending his Saturday nights than with the girl he loves in his Chevrolet Silverado truck.
  • Watson told American Songwriter the instrumentation was originally written to back the lyrics of another song he wrote called "Stay."

    "When we went in to record 'Stay,' I just didn't really feel like the music matched the mood of the lyrics, so we created a melody that was more in line of what I was shooting for," remembered Watson. "We then ended up using that leftover track and I literally wrote lyrics to it."
  • Released on September 20, 2020 amid the turmoil of the cornavirus pandemic and a divided America, Watson wanted to put out a simple and fun song rather than saying something profound. "There is enough heavy in the world," he said. "I don't want to hear anyone else's opinions on anything. I don't want to watch the news, and I don't want to hear about politics. I just want to make music that makes people happy."


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