Album: Do What Thou Wilt. (2016)
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  • Here, Ab-Soul opens up about his love for his family and mentions his late father's struggle with substance abuse. The TDE spitter admits to loving drugs as much as those close to him, but also reflects on how his lifestyle is vastly different from his mom's.

    My mama clean as holy water, hallelujah
    We total opposites, I'm dirty as this Fanta mix

    Ab-Soul told Genius:
    "The tone of it, I wanted it to be vulnerable. When we do these things—drugs or whatever is ill to you—you think about what your mom would say. Whether you do it or not. I really wanted to stay in the mindset of my mom is watching. My mom is listening. But I need to talk about these things, too. I want to be honest, but my mom is watching. My mom is listening."
  • The song title is an abbreviation for "Don't Ruin Us God Said." It refers to the acronym coined by Lupe Fiasco during his 2015 "They. Resurrect. Over. New." Cut. The Chicago rapper rhymes at the start of the song:

    Dark matter with the sparks scattered up above
    Velvet hands in the upper glove, touch
    Like bad double dutch
    And two Amsterdam's ain't enough, D.R.U.G.S
    "Don't ruin us, God said", hashtag drogas

    Ab-Soul explained: "It's a quote I took from my record with Lupe on his last album, T.R.O.N. (Actually it was titled Tetsuo & Youth) He had made a reference to that on there, and it just stuck with me. When I came up with this concept… it was called 'I Love Drugs' at first."
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