Highway to Hell

Album: Highway to Hell (1979)
Charted: 4 47


  • The title is often attributed as a phrase AC/DC guitarist Angus Young used to describe touring in America. There is a much more literal explanation, however. "Highway to Hell" was the nickname for the Canning Highway in Australia. It runs from where lead singer Bon Scott lived in Fremantle and ends at a pub/bar called The Raffles, which was a big rock 'n roll drinking hole in the '70s. As Canning Highway gets close to the pub, it dips down into a steep decline: "No stop signs... speed limits... nobody gonna slow me down."

    So many people where killed by driving fast over that intersection at the top of the hill on the way for a good night out, that it was called the highway to hell, so when Bon was saying "I'm on the highway to hell" it meant that he was doing the nightly or weekly pilgrimage down Canning Highway to The Raffles bar to rock and drink with his mates: "Ain't nothing I would rather do. Going down, party time, my friends are gonna be there too."
  • Vocalist Brian Johnson explained to The Metro October 15, 2009: "It was written about being on the bus on the road where it takes forever to get from Melbourne or Sydney to Perth across the Nullarbor Plain. When the Sun's setting in the west and you're driving across it, it is like a fire ball. There is nothing to do, except have a quick one off the wrist or a game of cards, so that's where Bon came up with the lyrics."
  • This was the first AC/DC song to chart in the US. It helped drive huge sales for the Highway To Hell album, which has sold over seven million copies in America. It was AC/DC's sixth album, and their last with vocalist Bon Scott, who died in 1980 from excessive drinking. Their next album, Back In Black, was dedicated to him. >>
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  • Mutt Lange, who has also worked with The Cars, Bryan Adams, and Def Leppard (and Shania Twain, who he was married to from 1993-2008), produced the album. Lange took over after after failed sessions with Eddie Krammer, who had a solid resumé that included work with Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix, but whose procedural style didn't work for AC/DC.

    Lange was able to enhance the band's sound without altering their essence. On this song, he added robust background vocals to the choruses - something AC/DC didn't do on their previous efforts. This and other production refinements helped made the song a hit and expand their audience.
  • Recorded in London, Highway To Hell was the first AC/DC album recorded outside of Australia. The album cover had Angus Young on the cover wearing his schoolboy uniform and devil horns. Some religious groups found this quite offensive.
  • Serial killer Richard Ramirez claimed this album compelled him to murder. He believed AC/DC stood for "Anti Christ/Devil's Child."
  • In the 2003 film School of Rock Jack Black teaches the riff to the guitarist in the band. The song was also featured in the 2000 movie Little Nicky, starring Adam Sandler.
  • The AC/DC bluegrass tribute band Hayseed Dixie covered this on their 2001 album, A Hillbilly Tribute To AC/DC.
  • AC/DC performed this at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony when they were inducted in 2003. Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler inducted them, saying, "There is no greater purveyor of the power chord."
  • The chorus to the song was used in the 2010 movie Percy Jackson and the Olympians: the Lightning Thief. >>
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  • A campaign to make the this the top song on the UK singles chart for Christmas 2013 resulted in a #4 placing and AC/DC's first top 10 British hit in a 40-year career. The Anglo-Australian hard rockers had previously been the most successful act never to have had a Top 10 hit single in the UK, having achieved a grand total of 30 chart entries, none of which have ever peaked any higher than #12 (that honor went to 1988 hit "Heatseeker").
  • When this song was released, there really was a "Highway to Hell" in America: Route 666. This section of highway ran through Arizona and Utah; it was later renumbered after various ghost stories emerged about unexplained happenings on the road.
  • AC/DC, who didn't win their first Grammy Award until 2010 (Best Hard Rock Performance for "War Machine"), played this at the 2015 ceremony. They opened the telecast with "Rock or Bust," then segued into "Highway."
  • This is the song that gets Peter Griffin banished from Amish country on the 2011 season 10 episode of Family Guy titled "Amish Guy." Looking to introduce the Amish to rock and roll, he produces a boom box and plays the song for their leader, who does not approve.
  • When AC/DC was accused of backmasking Satanic messages on their Highway To Hell record, Angus Young responded: "You didn't need to play [the album] backwards, because we never hid [the messages]. We'd call an album Highway To Hell, there it was right in front of them."
  • Along with "Shoot to Thrill," this was used in the 2010 movie Iron Man 2, which has a soundtrack made up entirely of AC/DC songs. Other movies to use the song include:

    Megamind (2010)
    Wild Hogs (2007)
    Final Destination 2 (2003)
    Detroit Rock City (1999)

    It also appears in these TV shows:

    Sleepy Hollow ("Freedom" - 2017)
    How I Met Your Mother ("Symphony of Illumination" - 2011)
    Blue Bloods ("The Blue Templar" - 2011)
    Glee ("Hell-O" - 2010)
    ER ("Finders Keepers" - 2003)
    The Simpsons ("Simpsons Bible Stories" - 1999)

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  • Travler from West-by-godHey Rocker.....Ya hit the nail on tha head !!! The "Only Thing" Basic about AC/DC are their clothes !!!
  • Ian from Perth, Western AustraliaThe steep decline that you are referring to in the article is not actually on the approach to The Raffles, but to the Leopold Hotel, which is at the other end of Canning Highway, closer to Fremantle, where Bon would have been coming from. The Leopold was also "a big rock 'n roll drinking hole" with a big band room to the side.
  • Rocker from Perth Western AustraliaLots of strange, uninformed comments here. Comparing acdc to led zep is like comparing apples and oranges, both great in their own unique way, but completely different. Any one who says acdc’s music is basic and simple, doesn’t play an instrument well. Their timing, groove, and musicianship is outstanding, the riff in “riff raff” to the solo in “ride on” and Cliff’s great bass work is often overlooked.
  • Rustysurfer from PerthI live 5 minutes from Canning Highway and it still lives up to its reputation.
  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyPer: www.cnn.com {11-17-2017}
    AC/DC co-founder and guitarist Malcolm Young has died after battling dementia for several years, the band announced Saturday. He was 64.
    Young died at home with his family at this bedside, the band said in a statement. Young, along with his brother Angus, founded the legendary rock band in 1975 in Australia.
    "Renowned for his musical prowess Malcolm was a songwriter, guitarist, performer, producer and visionary who inspired many," the statement said. "From the outset, he knew what he wanted to achieve and, along with his younger brother, took to the world stage giving their all at every show. Nothing less would do for their fans."
    Young played rhythm guitar to Angus' lead, and his driving riffs and mop-top hair were signatures of the band's sound and image for decades.
    Angus Young, in a separate statement added that Malcolm took "great pride in all that he endeavored."
    "His loyalty to the fans was unsurpassed," he wrote. "As his brother it is hard to express in words what he has meant to me during my life, the bond we had was unique and very special. He leaves behind an enormous legacy that will live on forever."
    Young left AC/DC in 2014 after the band said he had been struggling with an undisclosed ailment, later revealed to be dementia. He was replaced by his nephew, Stevie Young, for the band's world tour in 2015.
    "He was older than me -- I always looked up to him," Angus Young said of his brother in an interview last year with Rolling Stone Magazine, saying he was "always one to battle through."
    "He would look at me in times of crisis and go, 'We'll just go in and do some work. We'll sit and write some songs,'" he said. "He had that drive, and I feel obligated to keep it going, maybe because I was there in the beginning with him."
    AC/DC was inducted in 2003 into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, which described its sound as "scorched-earth, metallic hard rock which has rarely deviated from a template of headbanging-inducing guitar riffs, flashy drums and banshee-yell vocals."
    "In the process, AC/DC have carved out a niche somewhere between hard rock and heavy metal that's been an inspiration to aspiring musicians -- and given us crank-up-the-volume radio staples 'Back In Black,' 'Highway to Hell' and 'You Shook Me All Night Long,'" the hall of fame notes on its website.
    The band is also one of the best-selling in music history, according to the Recording Industry Association of America, having sold more than 70 million albums in the US. The band's original lead singer, Bon Scott, died in 1980. He was replaced by Brian Johnson.
    May he R.I.P.
  • Bandit from AlbuquerqueUS 666 also went through New Mexico and Colorado. It paralleled US 66 for about 30 miles, either in Arizona or New Mexico. My family would travel from Phoenix to Amarillo, and before I-40 was complete part of the route was on US 666 - I distinctly remember seeing the sign and thinking about it. New Mexico changed the number because of the perceived increase of deaths on the road and, quite practically, the signs kept being stolen. The number was changed to US 491 in 2003. See en.wikipedia (dot) org/wiki/U.S._Route_491.
  • Henry from London, United KingdomThis song reached a new peak of No. 4 in the UK after a campaign to get it to Christmas No. 1
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjTo the guy waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down who said they've never done a ballad (Yeah I went comment surfing....) listen to "Ride On" off "Dirty Deeds", a great song as well! And AC/DC use both power chords AND open chords. Thank you.
  • Logan from San Francisco, Ca@hehlvhine, New Jersey, NJ First of all,AC/DC has nothing to do with Heavy Metal.Comparing AC/DC with Led Zeppelin is like comparing a turd with a diamond.Now that that's cleared up let me tell you this : The reason you don't hear "Black Dog" in the song is because they're not lame.I know why you expect the title to be mentioned in a song,is because every AC/DC song chorus is the song title.How stupid is that?You say Robert Plant has annoying voice? lol No,he can actually sing.The most annoying voice I've ever heard is that of Bon Scott and especially Brian Johnson they both sound like Donald Duck.
  • Gianni from Padova, ItalyMy favorite song. It's a deep, but not boring, reflection on lifestyle of Bon (and his friends), that is similar to other millions, lived down the Cannings Highway (as in any street of the world). The best example of his poetry and, I believe, an involuntary and incredible response to the utopias of the '60s. Perfect in terms of composition: the intro, that is a kick in the ass, coincides with the verse formed by an incisive guitar riffs of Angus and following the drum, a pre-chorus crescendo preparing a chorus that can be sung together in a pub as in an arena, a bridge of great effect, a strange (for His style) guitar solo of Angus, evocative outro. All in 3:26 minutes! Listenable 1,000,000 times without getting tired. The masterpiece!
  • Kathy from Mission, TxI Love this song lol it reminds me of last nite when i saw Little Nicky...AC/DC is one of the coolest bands on the planet Woooo Im on a Highway to Hell lol im so Retarted
  • James from Newark, , NjI'm a Christian yes this song does say "Hey Satan, Paid my dues" I think this is because it is poetry Bon Scott was a great lyricist and because it is metaphoric and because Satan is a part of hell. If not, then they probably wrote it for commercialism or shock value. More of the lyrics pinpoint to it being about a highway or a pub anyway.
  • Homer from Springfield, KyBest song ever. No contest.
  • Doctor Gregory House from Princeton-plainsboro, NjThis song was used on an episode of House, M.D.
    I forget the name of the episode but it was the one where the good doctor "pimps out" his new walking cane.
  • Steve from Owings, MdMark from Washinton, I was right there with you at the old cap center 11 rows back,end seats, left side facing the stage. I believe they opened for Kiss.Anyhow, when Angus was on Bon scotts shoulders as they ran around the floor seats was something I'll never forget.
  • Mike from Denver, Cothe band that offically got me into rock...amazing song. forever will this be an anthem! HIGHWAY TO HELL!!!!
  • Mark from Washington, DcI remember back in the late 70's, seeing AC/DC with Bon Scott at what was then the Cap Center out in Landover, MD(I think a ticket was like $7). The only thing that's ever come close as far as loudness was sitting front row at and indy car race, except at the concert, there was no lull in the audio. The wall of sound from the Marshall stack was something you had to experience.
  • Scott from Hamburg, --what about The Who, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, The Styx, The Beatles ... The classics rock just as good as Behemoth, Rammstein, Cradle of Filth, and Bad Religion
  • Austin from Bristow, VaMy first AC/DC song. So sad Bon Scott's life ended with this song/album. RIP Bon, We miss you bro. AC/DC will always live on.
  • Blake from London, United KingdomJimmy Barnes says that before a gig or a show he would sit down with a glass of milk and listen to this song a few times just to psych himself up. I reckon the only person that can scream louder and more aggressively than Barnsies is Bon Scott
  • Austin from Bristow, VaMy first AC/DC song. This made me the AC/DC fan I am today.
  • Joel from Columbia, MdProbably one of their better songs. It was used for WWE Summerslam. Shock rocker Marliyn Manson covered the song. Dixie Hayseed also covered the song on their tribute album. I really doubt that these guys worshiped El Diablo (bet you didn't know I spoke some Spanish). Like a lot of heavy metal/hard rock bands they wrote and sang lyrics just to get a reaction albiet sometimes those reactions were negative but then again when an album or group is considered controversial their music tends to really sell.
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandBryan, Nashville: Bon Scott never had a Scottish Accent, he moved to Austrailia when he was very young so his accent would have been practically non-existant.
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandThe bible is a book written Millenia ago in Hebrew and translated by people who couldn't speak Hebrew into English they then told us what they believed was in that book in order to stop people sinning - IT IS FICTION... AC/DC IS FACT AC/DC IS ROCK 'N' ROLL, NOT SATANIC BULLS**T, STOP TRYING TO BRINWASH AND LISTEN TO SOMETHING FUN YOU ZEALOT!!
  • Russel from Glenwood City, WiEvery time I hear the opening three chords, I feel the need to light up a smoke and shotgun a beer right on the spot! Really sucks when I hear it at work. Now I can't wait to get home!
  • Mauricio from San Jose, CaF**k Ramirez, AC/DC is not satanic, it is all about Rock n' Roll lifestyle.
    As the facts up there say, this is about a highway going to the pub where Scott went. All the Highway to Hell stuff are just to add some controversy. Controversy sells.
    Yeah, they got some other "satanic messages" on other songs, but meh, AC/DC rocks. (Comeing from a slightly religious person)
  • Madison from Moscow, MalaysiaQuite frankly, I think you all need a reality check. You can say what you like and do what you want, but you'll eventually see that what I'm about to tell you is true. Okay, I'm sure that all of you know about Heaven and Hell. Well Satan used to be an angel named Lucifer in Heaven. He was like the leader of the choir and everything. He was a very musical creature, and when he started thinking that he was better than God, he got kicked out of Heaven. He took his musical ability with him and is now possessing so many people's mind with it. You may not believe me, but all the backmasking you hear about, especially in Stairway to Heaven, is true. I've done it before, and it really is the honest truth. These people do this becaused they have demons possessing them. You may be thinking "Well why would they do that in the first place?" It's actually very simple. Satan got kicked out of Heaven, so he doesn't want you there either. Take what I'm telling you into consideration and think that maybe someone other than yourself is right. After all, have you researched it?
  • Taco from Salem, NhBlack Sabbath is a heavy metal band, one of the founders of heavy metal along with AC/DC. Black Sabbath is possibily the best heavy metal band of all time.
  • Goober from Hell, NyWho's Black Sabbath?
  • Rebecca from Vancouver, BcYosephs right, I beleive angus is a great guitarist, but everybody does talk about him as if he was some kind of Jimi Hendrix or Clapton or somethin.
  • Rebecca from Vancouver, BcI agree with the guy from Hueytown,but i do still like Led Zeppelin.
  • Mark from Byrdstown, TnGreat song/great cd.I graduated high school in 1980 and we wanted to make this our class song but of course the powers that be killed that idea.AC/DC recorded too many novelty type songs in later years like "Big Balls" and "Dirty Deeds" and crap like to be one of my all time favorite bands but the "Highway to Hell" and "Back in Black" CDs are two that I'll always groove on.
  • Brandon from Philadelphia, PaWell yoseph he may not be the greatest, but he definitely is up there. him nd malcom made one of the greatest guitar duo's of all time. also angus is one of the best improvisational guitarists ive ever heard.
  • Selina from Perth, AustraliaThree chords and they've got a legendary song... Wow.
  • Bryan from Nashville, TnI wonder if anyone has a possible explanation as to why when you're listening to the first stanza that Bon Scott sounds like he says "Season nickel on a one way ride" instead of "Season ticket...". I've heard and read stories that due to Bon's excessive drinking habits, he showed up drunk to sing the lyrics during recording. So, I figured that he might have done the same thing here, which was why "ticket" sounded like "nickel." I'm not quick to suggest that it was all about his accent, but being inebriated could have amplified his Scottish accent.
  • Yoseph from Cupertino, CaAngus young isnt that good. I mean well, hes really good, but the way people talk about him you would think hes the greatest guitarist in all of guitar history.
  • Carly from Vestal, Nyever thouhgt bonn died they still kick ass
  • Mike from Hueytown , AlAC/DC will always be better than Led Zepplin as far as I'm concerned. Awesome song !
  • Mitchell from Fresno, CaDuring my Junior and Senior Year in High school.This Song Glued in My head ..I Seen So Many friends died in car crash and motorcycles of this song ..living it wild drinking Heavy and Driving Crazy.We Lived It. My best friend build and 71 Veges with in v-8 engine and racing tranaxle and he was racing it for Pink in 79-80. Always Playing this Song.Until He got so many warrant out for his arrest. We both became so wild over this song and we did alot crazy things too in thous days ..AC/DC Band was so electrify..Boy!! did they send Waves every where..today it still lives on.They will be Best ever in their Heavy Music. This song took away Fear
  • Hehlvhine from New Jersey, NjLed Zeppelin is good and i know that!but AC/DC?they are the BEST!they are pioneers of the heavy metal era of music!!so theres no reason to compare the led out to acdc!!and by the way theres some there who sez that AC/DC got some aspects on led zep? esp on the song tittle!?can that guy tell me if a led zepp. has a song that can compare to the AC/DC's For Those about to ROCK we salute You!!??dont tell me the BLACK DOG coz i've been listening to that song for over 5 yrs and i can't still find out wheres the word black dog!all i heard is robert plant's annoying voice!!and yah ur right john bonham is irreplacable coz theres his son dont want to join the band because of jimmy page stupidity!!what an adict!
  • David from Tracy, CaMan i Love this song. i'm 18 i've been listen to classic rock since i was able to understand what it was. this was one of the first songs that i listened to. i listen to it in the locker room befor every football game. i figure that if i'm gonna play the game perfect i better think that the games gone to hell and just have fun as i'm goin down. only lost one game since i've been listining to it and that was cause i got injured
  • Britt Moore from Torrance, CaThe beginning of this article is wrong. The name AC/DC acutally came from Angus Young's sister's sewing machine. She did their costumes for them early in the beginning and AC/DC was written on the side of her sewing machine and that's wherer the name came from.
  • Joaquin from Ciudad Juarez, Mexicogood song, great lyrics, a classic rock riff.

    Saludos a juarez, en especial a Alonso "mascarita", a oscar "el negro" y al pito.
  • Manuel from Santo Domingo, OtherWhat are you guys talking about?

    Don't get me wrong, AC/DC is a great bad, but Led Zeppelin is something else. AC/DC have sold about 150 million records worldwide. Led Zeppelin has sold 300 million +. Yes, more than double.

    Led Zeppelin is a truly unique band that had been copied in style by various band such as AC/DC and Guns N' Roses.

    Don't get me wrong again, AC/DC has a unique sound, but they do have certain Zeppelin aspects to there music. It's inevetable, Led Zeppelin is too big a band.

    About Highway to hell, well what can be said about this song? It's one of Rock N' Rolls anthems. Great awsome, addictive song.
  • Helen from Dubbo, AustraliaIm surprised they dont have "It's a long way to the top" on here. To me that is acca dacca's best song. It was Bon Scott's signature song and it had mad bagpipes in it too lol!
  • Mike from Hillsborough, Njmy favorite song of all time!
  • Caitlin from Upper Township, NjAC/DC IS AWESOME!!! THEY ROCK OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!
  • Jeremy from Detroit, MiBryan's right. Led Zeppelin and AC/DC are both good, but incomparable
  • Bryan from Edwardsville, IlYou can't compare Led Zeppelin and AC/DC. They are my favorite bands. AC/DC is music to rock out to. Led Zeppelin, although does have some rock out songs, is deeper. AC/DC is much better at hard rock, but their lyrics have little meaning.
  • Grissom from Las Vegas, NvHeavy Metal lost an icon on February 19th, 1980 in AC/DC Lead Singer Bon Scott. Every February 19th should be spent just listening to AC/DC Classics in memory of Bon Scott
  • Grissom from Las Vegas, NvJonathan
    Jimmy Page and Robert Plant choose to end Led Zeppelin after the death of John Bonham because they didn't want to deal with the hassle of finding a replacement. Bon Scott saved AC/DC from having to find his replacement by picking Brian Johnson to be his replacement should something happen to him. Unfortunately something tragic did happen to Bon Scott
  • Voodoocat from Zimbabwe, United StatesBeen listening to AC/DC my entire 14 (as of 2006) years of existence. They are one of my favorite bands, and this is one of my favorite songs by them (then again about 1/3 of their songs are my favorite by them, so....)
  • Mark from Wee Waa, AustraliaThanks AJ from Cleveland, for clearing up how Bon Scott died.
  • Jeanette from Mcgrady, NcI didn't start listening to ACDC until I was about 18, when I bought the boxed set Bonfire, on a whime(sp). I am also a big Lynyrd Skynyrd fan, and to me Skynryd and ACDC are just hard rockin, hard partyn, bands that express feelings there fans have had, or felt at one time or another. Zepplin is an awesome band, but I never could relate to them, that makes a difference to me. A few years back, when I had a terrible job in a factory, I would hear Highway to Hell almost every day on my commute, I guess Bon was trying to tell my something.
  • Jonathan from TorontoHow are AC/DC better then led zeppelin? From what I have heard from AC/DC, they lack variety. Most of their songs sound the same. For example: TNT, and Dirty Deeds done Dirt Cheap. Plus how can anyone top the combination of talent that was Led Zeppelin? AC/DC were able to continue when they lost members, but none of Led Zeppelin were replacable (John Bonham could not be replaced).
  • Myrna Maria from Tegucigalpa, HondurasI´m sorry about the confusion. I meant "Final Destination II". I apologize for my mistake!
  • Myrna Maria from Tegucigalpa, HondurasThat beloved scot Bon Scott must be raving in his tomb! His classic has been used in TV pop culture in a very relevant way. The series "Supernatural" titled one of their episodes "Highway to Hell: Route 66",so go figure! And the show of the same company Warner Bros "One Tree Hill" used it to fill a dialogue of the actress Sophia Bush when she was driving to New York with her two best female friends. She was recalling the incident of "Final Destination" without actually mentioning it, as she was looking for a radio station, and she mentioned sometihing about what would happen if the song that came out was "Highway to Hell". Pretty good, huh? Just like Joey of "Friends" would say...
  • Myrna Maria from Tegucigalpa, HondurasBecause I´m so in love with the super series "Supernatural" of the WB, specially because of their fine use of rock & roll for putting the moods on the diverse scenes that deal with the weird and the spooky, I have to point out something about "Highway to Hell". It has been used once or twice in this show to illustrate their journeys on the road when Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are on their way to another terrifying mission aboard their beautiful classic black Cadillac. When they presented an award on the Critics Choice Awards a two weeks ago, they were greeted into the stage with this outstanding gem by AC DC.
    That´s the way showbussiness should work!
  • The Last True Rocker from Phoenix, Ari know this has no relation to this song but, in the beginning God said "Let there be rock!!" and AC/DC was created. just thought you would like to know that
  • Myrna Maria from Tegucigalpa, HondurasI think that the use of this song on the scene of the chick driving with her friends on the highway before the hellish accident in "Final Destination 2", is the best ever in a movie! At least its the best one that I can recall.
  • Mike from Winnipeg, CanadaHearing this on Final Destination 2 got me hooked on rock.
  • Galina from New London, CtTo the guy in Millerman, Australia, I think led Zepellin is just as good as AC/DC!
  • Isabel from Miami, Fli like bon scott more than Brian too. cant exaclty say why, but i just like his voice better. wish he hadnt died, some people are like o well, they got brian, but bon will always be the better singer for me.i still like listening to this on the 1979 tape, and im happy it can still play well, unlike other tapes i have. it feels more orignal to me, as opposed to the cd.
  • Deo from Annandale, VaThis is defiantly my favorite AC/DC songs. I like Bon Scott more than Brian J.
  • Ac/dc_misfit from Millmerran, AustraliaAC/DC took a couple of ideas from Led Zeppelin. Well propbably not but its a bit weird I mean look.
    Stairway to Heaven-Highway To Hell
    Whole Lotta Love-Whole Lotta Rosie
    You Shook Me- You Shook Me All Night Long.
    You Shook Me isn't even a Led Zepplin song.
    AC/DC are much better than Led Zepplin anyways.
    Highway to Hell is an awesome song to blast out of a jukebox. When the first few chords are played you know right away that it's Highway To Hell. The chorus is perfect to shout out and the solo is a short and sweet one.
  • Billy from Boston, MaI personally like Back In Black, Dirty Deeds, and TNT better than this song, but it was one of AC/DC's best known songs and the self titled album was the second largest bought album after Back In Black. This was also obviously Bonn Scott's last album before he died of Alcohol poisoning.
  • Galina from New London, CtI like this song a lot and my mom is pissed off whenever I play it (heh heh). My dad is complete opposite, he introduced me to rock n roll. Kinda like a mix between hard core rock and classical music.
  • Jane from Geraldton, Wathis song kicks ass!! wen ever it comes on i always turn it up!!
  • Dave from Brisbane, AustraliaBack when Gorbachev brought in all the sweeping reforms in Russia and basically ended communism as we knew it, The Russian government asked the People of russia what band they would like to see in Moscow, and the unanamious vote was for Acca Dacca, theres lots of different types of rock, Glam rock, Heavy Metal, Thrash rock but this is where it all started, Acca Dacca are true legends.
  • Eli from New York, NySteve Tyler is an idiot, because everyone knows that AC/DC is notorious for using mainly open chords.
  • Sanford from Garland, TxThere name stands for alternate current/direct current, you know electricity. There songs are about rock n roll drinkin and gettin laid!!!!!
  • James from Cape Town, South AfricaYopu guys seem to know alot about AC/DC. Can you guys tell me what ACDC stands for and what their music is about?
  • Sanford from Garland, TxDudes I Love Highway To Hell I get chills up the back of my neck every time the song intros. So sad it was Bons Last kick ass tribute to touring.AC/DC RULES BON SCOTT R.I.P.
  • Alex from P.d., MalaysiaTo echo Ben, this song TOTALLY KICKS ASS!! I crank the volume up everytime I hear it.(And my parents always get pissed off, heheh)But I love this song and Angus Young's guitar playing is simply magical. ROCK ON AC/DC!!
  • Jan from Stafford, Englandi 'discovered' AC/DC when I was aged 57 after watching the film 'a knight's tale'. i cannot believe i have gone through so much of my life missing so much.still, it just goes to show you are never to old for good music
  • Ben from Manchester, Englandhighway to hell kicks ass!!! i have this song on my mp3 player crank up the volume and burst your eardrums to the unbeleivable guitar of angus young r.i.p bonn scott. i am 13 and will love this song when i am 96 ROCK ON!!!
  • Madeline from Melbourne, AustraliaThe best late night drinking song! There isn't a 16th, 18th, 21st, or 40th without this song being played! ACDC is awesome!
  • Aj from Cleveland, GaActually, Bon didn't "drink himself to death". After a hard night of partying, his friend took him home and he fell asleep in the backseat of the car. When they reached his home, Bon was still asleep so his friend left him in the car. When he didn't come into the house that night, the friend called 911. Turns out Bon choked to death on his own vomit.
  • Josh from Las Vegas, NvAC/DC happens to be the greatest band ever. Just thougth I'd let everyone know. OH, and all that backwards stuff is b.s. I've listened
  • Dee from Indianapolis, InInteresting insight into a song that has caused much controversy throughout the years. I've been an avid listener of different types of music since I was about six. Thirty years later and I still love it, and only really got into AC/DC in my early 20's. I've always known their bigger hits, but never owned anything by them but "Back in Black" for some time. I like the fact that they stay true to their roots and have never sold out or done a ballad. Seeing them in concert for the 1st time a few years back I realized why they have a huge fan base. They put on a great fun show and don't try to apologize for anything. That is what rock is missing today. What happened to it being fun? To many groups trying to be politically correct or complaing about something. I miss the days of simple music with cheesey lyrics. The fact that the boys of AC/DC are getting older dosen't stop them, and I look forward to seeing them the next time their near by.
  • William from Phoenix, Azhmmmmm....no evil backward messages or anything?

    I read that if you play this song backwards you can here "nanu nanu" of Mork and Mindy vintage.
    cute, but nothing compared to what i just read in the 'stairway to heaven comments' a young lady posted a comment that played backwards, the zep song says "you're ruining your record stupid!"

    LOL!!!! Oh God, that was funny. I hope she wasn't joking. I truly look forward to hearing that!

    anyway, this and every other AC/DC song sounds grand played forwards. I feel badly for the broken brained people in this world who believe every idiotic piece of swill that is spewed forth. incredible.
  • Mark from Sydney, AustraliaHeadline Australian band of the late 70's and 80's when the pub-rock circuit was huge, The Angels (known as Angel City outside of Oz) used to play Highway to Hell for their soundcheck.

    I had the privilege once of standing in a near empty 2,500 head (you wouldn't call them seats because no one sat down in these places) auditorium with The Angels cranking out this song at full bore and note perfect. You could tell by the way all of the guys were into the song with no crowd that they revered AC/DC.

    BTW Malcom and Angus discovered The Angels when on tour with them in Adelaide back in 1975 when they were a jug band known as The Keystone Angels.
  • Sam from Sydney, Australiai think this is proof that ac/dc are the best band with something electric in their name
  • Dude from Tx, TxI and four other people played Highway To Hell as a band at our junior prom.
  • Joe from Denver, CoThe first acdc song heard was big balls from one of my brothers fiends, i liked it. My dad likes led, eric clapton, pink floyd and all the good stuff but he hates acdc
  • Sam from Cleveland, OhThis song got me hooked onto AC/DC, I heard the intro on School of Rock. Some one told me it was AC/DC.

    I never liked them because a few years back i listened to Ball Breaker and thought it was terrible. Just comes to show how you have to give things a second chance.
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandIn response to Brett's comments, your parents don't need to like classic rock for you to like it. I'm 17 and my parents are late 40s/early 50s so they were young in the heyday of bands such as AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple,etc. But they don't seem to like these bands much or any classic rock at all! They don't even have record collections, I mean I'm only 17 and I've got more CDs than both my parents put together! I usually come across bands from places such as this site or I've just heard bits of their songs from places. For example, I got into AC/DC when I bought Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 and 'TNT' is the opening credits music. I got into Led Zeppelin because 'Whole Lotta Love' is the theme tune to a popular British music show called 'Top of the Pops'. And I got into Guns N' roses when I saw 'Appetite for Destruction' on offer in my local supermarket, priced £5.97 (about $8 or $9)and I thought it would be worth getting. Just shows that you can hear good music wherever, not just from your parent's record collections.
  • Paul from Madison, AlIm 18 yrs old, and i first started listening to classic rock when i was 14. My first band i listened to was Queen, it quickly became my favorite. So i started listening to all kinds of other bands, my favorites started to change into Led Zeppelin and just so many others. Then, whenever i would start talkin to adults about music they would always hit on AC/DC! Of course i listened, and being a strong christian, and being the music organizer for youth group, i just had to start playing this song. Interestingly enough, more people started coming. So in a way, this song helped ppl get closer to God. weird huh?
  • Katie from Goulburn, AustraliaHighway To Hell song was covered by Marilyn Manson on the "Detroit Rock City" soundtrack.The original version also appeared in the movie.

    Legendary lead singer, Bon Scott, died after an all night drinking binge. He was left sitting passed out in a car by a mate, when he fell sideways with the gearstick against his throat and ended up choking to death on his own vomit.
  • Brett from Moore, OkThis is one of AC/DC'S best songs, and has got to be the most popular. This is the song that made me start listening to classic rock. It was when I was like 10-13, and Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker were having a big PPV fight. The theme song was highway to hell. Once I herd that song, I asked my dad who sang that. He told me it was AC/DC. Right after he told me that, I started looking through his CD colletion. I found Back In Black, and instantly started going through all his CDs and listening to every song. I soon found GNR's Appetite for Destruction, and that was it. I quite listening to new rock. Now I try and so lost kids at my school real music. This all started over Highway to Hell. If it wasn't for this song, I might not have started listening to classic rock. If I didn't listen to it, then the many kids that I have listening to classic rock now, wouldn't be. It isn't hard to make people change their mind about good music. Usally, if they have good parents that used to listen to it, play one song that they reconized. I have had a lot of friends transfer to classic rock. I have buned so many CD's for friends it is unreal. But, if it helps spread good music, then I'll do it. Im getting off the subject here. The fact of the matter is that AC/DC is one of the greatest bands, and that songs like Highway To Hell, Back in Black, and You Shook Me All Night Long will forever stand as the bar to beat. New music hasn't even got close to meatng this bar.
  • Steve from Cincinnati, OhBeing a big ac/dc fan this is my altime favorite song, evertime i listen to it i just get wired and i feel like i have a oart of Angus Young or Bon Scott in me! Angus is the best soloist of his time and possibly any, Highway to Hell really shows that.
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandThis plays over the end credits of an episode of the Simpsons where the family pictures themselves as characters in Bible stories. So I feel it was both ironic and appropriate to use this song (due to the controversy it receives.)
  • Jonas from Detroit, Mii was in my basement one day looking through my dad's record collection,and i found something i'd never forget,in a plastic cover was "highway to hell" i could tell by just seeing angus young in a school boy outfit with devil horns on his head that these guys were total bad asses,so i go up to my room and put it on and i played it over and over and learned all the songs on my guitar and learned all the words.
  • Jon from Mountain Home, IdWe got out of school June 11th, and all we had to do was go to school, get our report cards and leave, we didnt even go in the building we just walked to the door, got our report cards, some money for having no fines, and we left. WELL, thats not all we did, see, my friend is kinda bad at school so I gave him a cd with stairway to heaven and highway to hell playing over and over again, and we thought whichever song it landed on was gonna be his fate for when he showed his mom. When he picked up his report card I stopped the cd player (since our school forbids boom boxs) and let him have a listen that line came to him "Im onna highway to hell!!!" I smiled at him and we walked him with my other friends who all got the stairway.
  • Marvin from East Brady, PaWhen we found out our senior prom theme was "Stairway to Heavan" we couldn't believe our ears. So we decided to mock it by pretending it was actually the opposite: "Highway To Hell!!!" Officially, it might have been Stairway but in my heart it will always be this song.
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