Judy Would

Album: not on an album (2006)
  • Running to 3 minutes 28 seconds, this is either a tribute song or a carefully crafted send up depending entirely on how the listener interprets it.

    Is there anyone who hasn't heard of 9/11? Most people of a certain age, wherever they live, have seen the videos of the planes crash into the Twin Towers. You would think that like the great pyramid, this horror was written in Stone. Alas, there are, incredibly, some people who do not believe planes hit the towers that day, while some have even whackier beliefs. Judy Wood earned a BSc in Civil Engineering, then an MSc in Engineering Mechanics, followed in 1992 by a PhD in Materials Engineering Science.

    She brought this expertise to 9/11 and concluded that the Twin Towers were not brought down by the planes, nor even by controlled demolition (as most 9/11 Truth cranks believe) but by some sort of mysterious energy ray.

    The song's title is an obvious pun on her name, the only obvious thing about it.

    Copyright 2006 by Write Hear Music BMI, and written by composer Ace Baker: great melody, massive production, enigmatic words. Pity that after reading this you know what it's about. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander Baron - London, England


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