Baby Blue

Album: Mr. Wonderful (2015)
Charted: 91


  • Action Bronson nabbed "Uptown Funk" creator Mark Ronson to produce this jazzy piano rocker, which features Chance the Rapper. Bronson admitted to MTV News that the Chicago rapper might've been more ridiculous than him on this breakup anthem with his list of things he hopes will happen to the ex who wronged him. "I say some pretty ridiculous things, honestly, but Chance's verse is pretty petty," he said, laughing. "Paper cuts on your tongue, your t--ies deflating, it's a pretty petty one."

    "He hopes that your charger don't work and your headphones are too short,?" Vronson added. "All these things, you know you're gonna get tight if you plug the phone in by the bed and it doesn't reach so you could lay down and text, so he might've out silly-ed me on the album. He got me on that one."
  • Bronson told The Boombox how the collaboration came about. "Chance featured me on his record Acid Rap and I am the type of guy who likes to show love back," he explained. "He actually put himself on the track and he sent it to me."

    "He was in London at Mark Ronson's studio; they had the beat he laid his verse down and they sent it over," Bronson continued. "I was like alright, it's a go. Chance is the homie, he's a good kid and we've always had a good rapport. He added a lot to the song and made it complete."


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