Adam's Apple

Album: Toys In The Attic (1975)
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  • This song is Aerosmith's version of the Adam and Eve story from the Bible in Genesis 3. The first man and woman on earth lived in the lavish and perfect Garden of Eden but were not allowed to eat from a particular tree: The Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. Satan, disguised as a serpent, convinced Eve that God was being unfair and that one bite wouldn't hurt. In fact, God just wanted them kept in the dark. If they ate the fruit, they wouldn't die, but they would be like God. Both Adam and Eve caved and tried some (which was never specified as an apple) and sin officially entered the world. They were banished from the garden and condemned to a life tarnished by sin.

    The lyrics add a dose of sexuality with the lusty temptation, saying that sex is something natural and has been around forever. It was written and arranged by the band's lead singer Steven Tyler.
  • At one point, Steven Tyler wanted to name the album "Love At First Bite" after the line in this song, "Lordy it was love at first bite."
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Comments: 9

  • Michael Hritz from TexasIn the songfacts it says, "In fact, God just wanted them kept in the dark. If they ate the fruit, they wouldn't die . . . ". This is obviously not correct. Unless you know someone who met Adam and Eve (and I don't know of anyone who has), the general consensus among most people is that they did in fact die. God did not say that they would die immediately upon eating the fruit; but prior to eating, they would have lived forever. They both ate the fruit, and they both died. So the second part of my quote is proven false.
    The first part I quoted is also not true. God did not want to keep them in the dark; in fact, they weren't even in the dark: they were in the light, so much so that they were clothed in light as with a garment. That is why it was only after eating that they noticed that they were naked and made themselves some fig-leaf clothes to wear (which also indicates that their consciences were not entirely corrupt, only partially). Their consciences were still active enough to have the decency to put on some clothes (unlike so many female diva pop stars today!). The truth is, God wanted to keep them in His light. But God did not punish Adam and Eve by sending them death - rather, death was sent as a remedy. Through eating, they had lost communion with God, and death was a way to restore man to union with Himself.
  • Jack from Mesa, AzCain got in trouble with God for killing Abel so I suppose Cain was "able" before that, Amanda from Ridgewood. It's just a kind of messy play on words I guess.
  • Sam from London, On@Randy So where did you get this notion? From what I've read and from being a major fan, I've learned they have written MOST of their songs. What they haven't written is mostly song covers. Great covers at that. Aerosmith has talent. REAL talent. They became famous with their own songs and their own skills and character. Not because daddy was rich. Don't you sit there and spread that nonsense.
  • Chris from San Diego, Ca@Homer: "Lightning struck right down from the sky /
    A mother ship with fate said let's give it a try"
  • Randy C. from Yonkers, NyTo me, the question isn't what the song means. Instead, my question is who wrote it? Trust me, this band wrote very little of their own music. Surely they put their two cents into most of the songs, however, that's about it. And the electric guitar work in this song? Can you say hire guns?
  • Amanda from Ridgewood, NjCorrect me if I'm wrong, but the first line "Back when Cain was Able", But Cain and Able were the sons of Adam and Eve so it might have a double meaning. Despite Able being spelled Abel for his name.
  • Homer from Springfield, KyStephen:How exactly does it refer to aliens?
  • Jason from Denver, CoThis song has a great opening guitar riff as well as a great dual lead guitar solo in it
  • Stephen from Toronto, CanadaWhile this song speaks of Adam and Eve and certainly has sexual overtones (which Aerosmith song dosen't) it also makes reference to extraterestrials, the snake, original sin... good stuff like that.
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