Out Go the Lights

Album: Music from Another Dimension! (2012)


  • The working title of this hard-rocking, bluesy tune was "The Guilty Kilt." "There's a joke about the guy who gets a hard-on with a kilt on," explained bassist Tom Hamilton to Rolling Stone, "so it's a guilty kilt."
  • The genesis of the song lied in a riff idea dating back to sessions for 1989's Pump. Several earlier versions can be found on bootlegs and YouTube videos from concerts where Steven Tyler improvised on-the-spot vocals. It was one of a good number of new tracks that Aerosmith laid down during demo sessions in Boston in the summer of 2011. Tyler then came up with a new title and definitive suggestive lyrics during a working holiday at Maui in Hawaii.
  • Steven Tyler plays the harmonica on this track.
  • There's a false ending at about the 4:10 mark, splitting Joe Perry's guitar solo into two. "That guitar solo, that's it from beginning to end – no editing, no cutting, no two tracks, there's no nothin'," Perry told Rolling Stone. "The groove was there, and it was just one of those things that went on."


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