Days Of The Phoenix
by AFI

Album: The Art Of Drowning (2000)


  • This song is about the Phoenix theater in the bay area of California, where AFI played most of their shows when they were starting off as a band. At one point early in their career, AFI was considering breaking up, but after playing a show at the Phoenix, they decided to continue as a band.
  • Some lyric analysis:
    "The circle of rage" = Mosh pit.
    "The ghost on the stage" = The singer of the band. someone who is there, but you can't touch.
    "Ghost stories handed down, reach secret tunnels below" - The Phoenix theater is believed to be haunted, particularly the basement. It is said there is secret tunnels under the club.
    "No one can see me" - Because is is such a part of the music and the moment he blends into everything, he doesn't stick out.
    "Our dreams seemed not far away, I want to stay" - AFI realizing that they shouldn't break up, they should stay a band.
    "I fell into fantasy" - Davey has been quoted as saying that in life all he has ever wanted to do was be in a band. his fantasy is a reality.
    "The girl on the wall is always waiting for me, she was always smiling" - in the phoenix theater, there is a girl who is smiling, painted on the wall. It can be seen from stage.
    "Teenage death boys, teenage death girls" - The punk rock kids at the shows."Everyone was dancing, nothing could touch us then" - every one moshing and having fun at the show, nothing else in the world mattered at that moment. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Josh - Redlands, CA, for above 2

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  • Mk from Santa Rosa, CaThis story sounds lame but it might quell the argument about AFI's name and about how long AFI has really stood for "A Fire Inside". My cousin was friends with Dave(y) in high school and she would tell me about his band, he was like kinda an outcast and she was kinda a loner in podunk Ukiah, CA. I remember asking early on what AFI stood for when she told me about him and I thought she told me Abunch of f--king Idiots, but as I read above someone wrote "Another f--king Idiot" which may be correct since it was so long ago that we first discussed her interesting friend named david marshand-who had a mohawk with blue streaks and was artistic and musically inclined and actually nice as opposed to most of the people she was surrounded with in high school. We did a couple Thanksgivings together and I remember being kinda awed by him cuz he was like 3 or 4 years older than me and looked so different than anyone I was friends with. I envied my cousin's friendship with him cuz he was doing really creative stuff with everything from his hair to his life path and I really felt in sync with that energy. Every time they release a new album or I hear news about a show, or anything really I get really excited for them and especially for David's parents who are super rad people. His grandma was in the same assisted care living facility as my grandmother. That's how small Ukiah is. Before she transferred some where else he came to the home's annual christmas gala called "pig fest" and he signed autographs for the kids and visitors and from what my mom told me was gracious, mature, family oriented and still that nice, quiet, creative soul from all those years ago.
  • Becca from Santa Rosa, CaFYI - The song description is correct.
  • Harry from Adelaide, AustraliaOk im gonna put this to rest. Afi does, and always has meant A Fire Inside.
    They explained the 'Asking for it' thing. This was their mailing address because fans would always write to them asking for stuff (pics, drum sticks, etc).
    It is possible that while they were still kids int he schoolyard they messed around with names but ever since the 1st album it has been A Fire Inside.
    Everything else is MADE UP and the people dont know what they are talking about.
    And yes of course it is about the Phoenix theatre, that is where they played their comeback gig... its fairly obvious
  • Ryan from Chula Vista, CaNo AFI used to stand for "Asking For it". After they released their 3rd album, they changed it thought.
  • Byah from Ewing, Njok AFI does now stand for A Fire Inside, but when the band started it stood for Another F*cking Idiot, but yes now it is afireinside
  • Amanda from Lincoln Park, NjWhen have they actually said this? Kinda seems like a longshot to me... and even if the song is about the Phoenix Theater, I think someone went analysis-happy because not all of those mean what the person wrote that they meant.
  • Matt from Santa Rosa, Cai go to the phoenix all the time
  • Kiara from Geelong, Australiai know alot have people have already said this but i'd just like to add to it. AFI stands for A Fire Inside. i read somewhere that it USED to stand for somthing else.. but that was in the beginning. I think?? not sure .. oh well I FREAKING LOVE THEM! AND THIS SONGS 1 OF MY FAVS!
  • Jonathan from Bradford, MaThe band's website is, for crying out loud. And that's the name of their compilation album, too.
  • Trinity from Dl, MnErin from Waurika....No, It stands for A Fire Inside.
  • Chris from Tampa Bay, Flits funny how erin said all forever immortal and how kelsee in girls not grey mentioned the whole death reincarnation thing..and how davey CANT reincarnate lol
  • Angela from Las Vegas, NvThis song is extraordinary
  • Harry from Adelaide, AustraliaAFI is awesome, afi does mean a fire inside but i reckon that if it meant "all forever immortal" it wud be cool, for some reason it has a better ring to it...
  • Rob from Laguna Niguel, CaAFI is wonderfull music and i

    like it
  • Jose from Tijuana B.cafi=A FIRE INSIDE!!!!
  • Wyn from Syracuse, NyWhere did you get that AFI means 'all forever immportal'. It is everywhere that it is 'a fire inside' and the band members even say it a bunch of times in various interviews I have seen and read.
  • Kelsee from Lehi, Uthehe yeah it for sure means a fire inside. it does say it on the website, and on there EP they released in september of 98. there web adress is ... umm....yeah i think that should cover it. afi=a fire inside :D
  • Takashi from Tokyo, Japanhahahahaha. um well tell that to afi. on their website, under the afi logo it says " a fire inside."
  • Erin from Waurika, Okjust kind of a note on AFI...everyone thinks the name means "a fire inside", but it really means "all forever immortal"
  • Kelcie from Mesa, AzHe who laughs last is a very good song and I also love it. But I still think that Leaving Song Pt. 2 is better!
  • Adam from Federal Way, WaThe Song itself is friggin awesome, and though it doesn't have a particullarly fitting theme, its awesome, and, pretty easy to figure out. As for it being the first music video, this one didn't come out for a while after their real first video, "He who laughs last" was a music video that came out on their second cd, which was two cd's before the days of the phoenix. BTW, this is AFI's best song, so listen to it!
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