Album: Wolves Within (2013)


  • After The Burial guitarist Justin Lowe told Artist Direct this song came together in the studio. "We had a demo for that track for a while," he explained. "It was only about half as long as the actual song is now. We kept trying to figure out where we were going with the song because we had a vibe everybody was digging. It turned out to be one of the most melodic tracks we've put together."

    "I think it's the most challenging song to play guitar-wise out of all the songs we've written together so far," Lowe continued. "That's definitely the top. I'm like, 'I have to get home and start practicing so I can play that one!'" [Laughs]

    "There are like six or seven harmony layers going on at the end," he added. "The outro is crazy. I can't even explain how that one came together. We were sitting there in the studio tracking guitars, and it started coming out. I didn't have a chance to look back at it yet. It took the longest to record."


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