7 Days

Album: The Pains of Growing (2018)


  • "7 Days" finds Alessia Cara having a conversation with God over the state of affairs here on Earth.

    Oh, Mr. Man Upstairs
    I know you're tuning in up there, way up there
    Would you care to answer my question?
    Oh, the land of poor taste
    The spectacle of cut and paste that we've made
    Would you say, please say it was worth the seven days

    Cara has taken the account in Genesis of God creating the world in seven days and is asking the Almighty whether we were worth those seven days of His work, considering the mess that human society is in.
  • Cara explained in a video that she was raised in a Catholic household but considers herself to be spiritual rather than religious. She feels that that the rules of Catholic Religion "haven't really evolved with the times," but still believes there in a Creator God, "who is looking out for us, whoever that may be, or whatever that may be."
  • Cara sings about our messed up lives as being entertainment for God.

    We're in some trouble
    Mr. Maker, don't turn away from your screen
    At least the bubble that we've created could make for some good TV

    The Canadian songstress explained this was her way of "finding some sort of twisted silver lining" in our chaos. She is picturing God as "sitting in His living room flipping through channels, and every channel is like a certain issue that is going on in the world, and just thinking 'if they're not trying to change any of this.'"


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