It's You

Album: You (2019)
Charted: 45 70


  • Ali Gatie is a R&B singer and rapper who hails from the Toronto suburb of Mississauga. He first gained wider recognition in 2017 after winning the RhymeStars song contest sponsored by online digital production marketplace BeatStars. This melancholy track became his first Hot 100 hit when it entered the chart dated June 29, 2019 at #97.
  • The song finds a vulnerable Gatie pleading to a love interest not to hurt him as he's been let down before.

    It's you, it's always you
    Met a lot of people, but nobody feels like you
    So please don't break my heart, don't tear me apart
    I know how it starts, trust me, I've been broken before

    Gatie is desperately hoping that history doesn't repeat itself with this relationship. "Everyone heartbroken knows the insecurities and fears that come with a new love," he explained to Billboard. "That's what my new song 'It's You' is about; being vulnerable and trying not to let the fear of heartbreak overcome the joy of love."
  • Ali Gatie wrote "It's You" in February 2019 with the intention of sending it to a girl so he could tell her how he felt about her. She was asleep; he was hoping she'd wake up and see the song on her phone.
  • Gatie told Billboard the song came very naturally to him and it took him just a quarter of an hour to write and compose the entire tune. "I was just feeling the words in that moment and speaking from the heart," he said.

    Gatie added: "At first, I wrote it just to get my feelings out. So the night I wrote it, I played it on my Instagram Live and people recorded it. They posted the snippets on YouTube, which went crazy. It had millions of views. It took on a life of its own. So when it came out, it had such a big impact with everyone waiting."


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