Better Off Alone

Album: Who Needs Guitars Anyway? (1999)
Charted: 2 27
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  • In this Eurodance song, vocalist Judith Pronk sings about how she'd be better off alone after breaking up with her ex, and rhetorically asks him the question, "Do you think you're better off alone?" >>
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  • Pe from Hamburg, GermanySuch a simple song, but the simplicity of th melody and the refrain, they just grab you. Cannot get tired of this. And it makes not only the legs of my acathisia prone buddy move.
  • Kristen from Scottsdale, AzOne of my all time favorites!
  • Eddie from Philadelphia, WaThis song may not have many lyrics, but the beat instantly dives into my soul every time I hear it. Love to dance with ex-girlfriends to this song.
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesThis song was actually a release by the then 22-year-old Dutch producer 'DJ Jurgen' (real name Jurgen Rijkers), and had next to nothing to do with the band Alice DeeJay except that their lead vocalist Judith Pronk performed "do you think your better off alone?" lyrics. The only other lyrics in the song were "talk to me, ooh talk me", and were performed by Annie Lennox having been sampled from the Eurythmics 1984 hit "Here Comes The Rain Again". The single was creditted to "DJ Jurgen presents Alice DeeJay" partly in order to help make Alice DeeJay known around the club scene in Europe as their debut single "Back In My Life" had failed to chart in 1998 and also partly because Jurgen Rijkers disliked commercial Eurodance and wished to remain an underground artist. The original members of Alice DeeJay other than Judith Pronk were producers Sebastiaan 'Pronti' Molijnthe and Eelke 'Kalmani' Kalberg, who co-wrote the song with DJ Jurgen. "Better Off Alone" hit #2 in the UK in July 1999 largely due to it's similarity in sound with two other club anthems of the same era: Andre Tannen Berger (ATB)'s May 1999 UK #1 hit "9 p.m. (Until I Come)" and Ann Lee's June 1999 #2 hit "2 Times". When 'Pronti' and 'Kalmani' left the band soon after "Better Off Alone" was released, they were replaced by professional dancers Mila Levesque and Angelique Versnel. This new line-up of Alice DeeJay would score four more UK Top 20 hits over the next couple of years (a re-released "Back In My Life" - #4; "Will I Ever" - #7; "The Lonely One" - #16; and "Celebrate Our Love" - #17) before Alice DeeJay split up in 2002. Their album "Who Needs Guitars Anyway?" reached UK album chart #8 in March 2000, but this proved the band's undoing as the 'rock revival' in the UK Charts in 2000/2001 saw many critics deem the album's name laughable or else just absurd
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