Alice in Chains

Layne StaleyVocals, guitar1987-2002
Jerry CantrellGuitar1987-
Mike StarrBass1987-1992
Sean KinneyDrums1987-
Mike InezBass1992-
William DuVall Vocals, guitar2006-

Alice in Chains Artistfacts

  • Alice in Chains came out of the early '90s grunge scene that included Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden. Their debut album, Facelift, was released in 1990 but didn't pick up steam until a year later, thanks to "Man In The Box." Because there were no grunge arena headliners, they had to open for bands like Van Halen, Anthrax and Poison.
  • Staley died of a heroin overdose in 2002.
  • Cantrell and Staley met at the Seattle warehouse rehearsal space, the Music Bank. This would later be the name of a 4-CD set released by the group.
  • Staley has hooked up with members of Pearl Jam and Screaming Trees to form Mad Season, which has released a couple of albums. Around this same time, Inez was working with Guns n' Roses guitarist Slash.
  • Cantrell goes on extensive hunting trips, sometimes for days at a time. When Alice in Chains was touring with Van Halen in 1991, they had a few weeks off in November before the tour resumed in Memphis on December 2. AiC didn't make that show because Cantrell was on a hunting trip and forgot that November had only 30 days. To make sure it didn't happen again, Columbia Records gave him a calendar.
  • Inez was a member of Ozzy Osbourne's backing band before joining Alice in Chains.
  • The band did not officially break up until 2002 when Staley was found dead, but they had not released any original material since 1995.
  • Since Layne's death there have been several songs written in his honor including: "Layne" by Staind and "4/20/01" by Pearl Jam (which is not likely to ever be released according to the band). >>
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    Jim - Little Britain, Canada
  • In the movie Singles, they played a bar band.
  • On their MTV Unplugged appearance, Mike Inez wrote in marker "Friends don't let friends get friends haircuts" on his acoustic bass. This was a stab at Metallica for selling out and cutting their hair. >>
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    Matt - Monroeville, PA
  • Originally called Alice N'Chainz, they dressed in drag and played speed metal. They eventually disbanded and reformed as Alice In Chains. >>
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    Rick Phlaire - Georgetown, DE

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  • Kenny from TulsaLayne did in fact write the music and lyrics to Angry Chair, & Hate to Feel on Dirt, and played them live up through 93, can confirm on YouTube. He also wrote the music & lyrics to Head Creeps. He actually wrote the lyrics to 31(~60%) songs for AiC, including all but three songs on Self Titled/Tripod. It was also his idea to hit a bong before God Am, the only time his studio engineer ever seen him do drugs.

    He also adlibed the screams on the intro to Them Bones, & contributed on a riff in God Am, which he also wrote the lyrics to.
  • Kent R Franklin from FredricktownMiss em!
  • Kelly from KansasValkyrie

    I’ve just recently come across this site and I’ve read everything everyone has written. I love that you all appreciate Alice In Chains music and I mean all of their music just not the radio hits. Just a couple of things I’d like to add. Jerry Cantrell played in Diamond Lie in the beginning and Layne Staley’s band was actually “Alice N’Chainz”. He did fill in on vocals for Jerry’s band in the beginning and they did everything to get him to become their lead singer but, he wasn’t ready to leave his band. Jerry and the guys decided to audition lead singers and ask Layne to come to the try outs and help them choose the best one, the only thing was they had found the worst of the worst on purpose. Layne said when he heard these guys sing he said fuck it I’m in. They did change the name slightly but, it hadn’t anything to do with Guns N Roses. Layne also didn’t manage the Music Bank he just worked there and they let him live in a rehearsal space. The first time Layne ever met Jerry Cantrell was at a friends party and when he found out Jerry was homeless he took him home that night and let him stay in what they both called a room that smelled of old piss. If you ever find the interview of them telling the story it’s worth a watch. He did play guitar live on stage with Alice In Chains and Mad Season. He loved root beer, he had a black 2000 Trans AM, that car had everything possible on it and was cool. When asked to give up his allotted tickets when they were on tour for some corporate guys he refused. He said they’ve got the money to buy a ticket, his tickets were always given to the fans who couldn’t afford to see the show but came anyway just hoping to hear what they could from outside or catch a glimpse of the band when they left. He spoke of his addiction and how he could become addicted to anything. If he ate he continually ate and gained 20 pounds, look at the video for Down in a Hole, he was clean, if he exercised he exercised 20 times a day. He tried his best to kick heroine and he tried to warn everyone of its dangers in his songs. He didn’t do it to get high, he did it so he could simply function. He’s spoken of how in the beginning it was fun but, it turned on him. He wrote all the songs for Mad Season and he drew the Cover art for the album. The lyrics to “River of Decite” is a warning for all. If you haven’t listened to Mad Season your missing out on some of the best music Layne wrote. That record is his story of addiction, lost love and the cost. The last two songs Layne co wrote and sang with Alice In Chains were for the Music Bank box set and those songs were recorded in 98, they were Died and Get Born Again. Layne Staley was the most amazing person to those who knew him. He was kind, smart, funny, playful, considerate, compassionate, shy, sensitive, intuitive to the people’s feelings around him and he loved his fans and was a wonderful friend to those who knew him. There are a lot of songs out there that you can find where he worked with other artists. “Ring Them Bells” with Heart, “Another Brick In The Wall” with The Class of 99, It’s Coming After, with the Second Coming, very cool song, and “I Don’t Believe In Love”. There’s a whole lot more too. You should find them. Please don’t read the two books written about him and the band. The band nor his family spoke to either writer and neither did Layne, he came to dislike journalists because all they wanted to know about was his addiction and not his art. His art was everything to him and he put what he wanted to say in that art whether it was his music, photography, poetry or his drawings. They were what he gave for all of us, all of him. That whole I know I’m close to dying crap about him throwing up all the time and shitting himself is just that a load of made up shit by DeSolsa. The year he died the Grammy Awards left him off the “In Memoriam List” how’s that for the best vocalist of the 90’s, of all of rock to this day? Layne’s addictions shouldn’t define him, his artistry should. His cause of death was listed as an accidental overdose but, it’s noted on his death certificate that he could have died from heart failure due to anorexia. He was 6’1 and only weighed 86 pounds. He wore his soul on the outside and he got burned. We’ll never see another like Layne he was one of a kind but, he left us with a little bit of himself for all of time. He’s a flaming arrow shooting across the night sky for all to see. I hope you’ve found some peace Layne, you can finally get free from your chains and truly fly.
  • Penny from "cereal City" MichiganEvery comment I have read seems to have the radio tunes mentioned as their greatest songs/personal faves. No offense to anyone that says they are a huge fan, but my dear brothers and sisters, there are MANY more incredible songs that I have not seen mentioned. Here are fifteen of my favorites of AIC's 'label' recordings with Layne and the album which they appear on: 'It Ain't Like That' (Facelift), 'Sunshine' (Facelift), 'Hate to Feel' (Dirt), 'Rain When I Die' (Dirt), 'Junkhead' (Dirt), 'Brother' (Sap) 'Right Turn' (Sap), 'Nutshell' (Jar of Flies), 'Don't Follow' (Jar of Flies), 'Sludge Factory' (AIC), 'Shame in You' (AIC), 'Brush Away' (AIC), 'Frogs' (AIC), 'The Nothing Song' (AIC), and 'So Close' (AIC). If you are indeed a huge fan of AIC, then you already know all of these tunes and surely love them! If you love the mainstream radio stuff and haven't yet had a chance to check out any or all of these tunes, for the love of Layne, do it now! There is so much more to this band and L.S. than 'Rooster' and 'Down in a Hole'; SO much more... Go dig on it!

    P.S. You're welcome! ;)
  • Robert from Adelaide, AustraliaAmazing wealth of info/comments/stories on Alice In Chains.Something I thought "interesting/co-incidental is that the bands name if broken down by the "initials" BUT,make the "Chains" "Ch." instead of just "C.",you get-A. I. Ch. or A.I.CH. which is the pronunciation/way of sounding of the Letter "H".Before anybody "flips out" with my "co-incidence",I happen to think the biggest DANGER of "Illegal Drugs",is the "Stupid/Insanity" that they're "Illegal/Against the Law".As soon as ANYTHING is "Illegal/Prohibited" it becomes "Insanely Valuable/Expensive/Dirty or No Quality Control"=Insant Danger!!!
  • Shirley from Loveland, Ohso great to know that aic will be comming to louisville ky. ill be there god willing. hey randy, do you have a bother named david?
  • Rick Phlaire from Georgetown, DeRandy, yes they will tour again. They are in studio now working on a new album with Cantrell on vocals. Check out their MySpace page.
  • Joe from Charlotte/ny Transplant, NcLayne was a great singer. Although I became a AIC fan in the late 90's, I cannot get sick of their music. It is haunting and real. My favorite song is NO EXCUSES. I just find it sad that nobody could help Layne with his drug addiction. I never did drugs (not even pot) but I just get so angry why such a talent would throw away their life like that. I am a HUGE Zeppelin fan and I get angry that John Bonham died from Vodka OD and choaked on his vomit. Just think of how many more awesome songs there would be if they didn't die so foolishly.
  • Randy from Colerain Twp., OhDamn, I had typed an error on here well over a year ago and I cannot believe that no one had noticed it enough to have corrected me. It is Jerry Cantrell that sings 'Rooster'. So, here it is Spring, 2008- has anyone heard anything new about AIC? Will they tour again- will they release any new material with a new vocalist?
  • Willam from Boulder, CoTop 10 songs for the greatest Band ever: 10. Down In a Hole 9. We Die Young 8. Would 7. Junkhead 6. Rooster 5. Man in the Box 4.I Stay Away 3. Nutshell 2. Sea of Sorrow 1.Bleed the Freak

    Layne Staley is the greatest singer of all time may he rest in peace

  • Erin from Tulsa, OkAlso, if anyone really wanted to know what Layne and Demri's relationship was like- its a whole lot like the movie "Candy".
  • Erin from Tulsa, OkLayne Staley....that is one man I will always love and respect, in more than one way. In my book, he had the single greatest voice ever. I can never get tired of hearing his voice. Two- his lyrics. They were so real- he was such a delicate and strong person all in one. He was so open about his life. And lastly, that he went through hell and back again, and wasn't afraid to tell people of the horrors of drug use. The man had enough courage to move on after his extremely close companionship (love and friendship wise) with Demri Parrott was ended with her tragic death-- after he knew he would die anyways, after his music career was over. The man lived until the very very end. That is one thing he should be a legend for. RIP man.
  • Dominique from --, Nydamn...people typed alot. this band is pretty good. my favortie song by them is "Them Bones".
  • Mike from Louisville, KyI think that the demons that each great artist carries is much a part of their music, without them their souls and personas are less defined and their music would lake substance. Inevitably it is fate that we will loose our greatest peers who bring so much to the world. In my opinion these aren't just normal people, something inside of them born at birth destined them for greatness. Like fate, these amazing bands that set a standard for all others to aspire but never reach, who create music that will live on forever as a timeless example of what music is supposed to inspire in the human heart and soul, are also bound by the price that is theirs, a life much different than all those around them. To me its more than a drug problem, thats way to simple of an answer. A much more complex life they lead as do all genious's of their caliber and artisans of their craft. It's sad however that they leave, and the bands they fronted are left broken, but we are better for having known them. Alice In Chains was and still is one of the greatest bands ever to play music. I think the line of up greatest hits, at least my own personal arrangement, is comprised of : 1. No Excuses, 2. Heaven Beside You, 3. Got Me Wrong, 4. I Stay Away, 5. Again, 6. Them Bones, 7. Rooster, 8.Down In A Hole, 9. Man In The Box, 10. Would, and 9. Nutshell, with songs that are just as good deserving mention, Dirt, Sunshine and I Cant Remember. Obviously thats not in any order of rank, just a list of the greatest hits in my opinion. Although most of their songs were great, and all can be listened to and enjoyed, with even the pickiest of musical connoisseurs able to appreciate the entire library. They had a unique sound, yet with it such range that they could go very light, from the lightest in "Nutshell", "Heaven Beside You" and "I Stay Away", to the medium deep tones that their most known for like in "Man In The Box" and "No Excuses", to the more heavy side of their music such as "Rooster", "Again" and "Them Bones". Alice In Chains had an impressive run, shame it ended so soon, but the greates things we experience are only meant to last for a short moment in time. I dont believe any will ever grace the heights the band reached at the peak of their accomplishment and skill, and i dont think well ever have another Alice In Chains. Maybe one day the band will be reunited, and we will all be there, to relive something great, until then, we have all the music that was left behind. Layne will certainly be missed by all for all time to come and remembered as one of the greatest musicians we ever had the pleasure of knowing. Thx to the remaining members who also gave us all they had for the life of one of the most amazing bands in history. Currently the band has gotten back together and has just concluded a tour. They are set to go on tour again this summer with velvet revolver. They have enlisted Duff McKagan from Velvet Revolver on their last US tour to play second guitar on some songs, and the lead singer position was filled by William DuVall of Comes With The Falls, so be sure to check that out if your a fan as they'll probobly be playing alot of the old hits, and some new music written by the surviving members.
  • Danny from Des Moines, IaWhy does nobody ever talk about softer songs by Alice In Chains? I am an extreme heavy metal fan, but an open-minded one at that. I can enjoy other genres. Pearl Jam is a great example of a band that freakin' rocks, but they are on a completely different end of the spectrum than most other bands I listen to. On my iPod, I have thousands of songs ranging from Slayer and Rage Against the Machine to Enya and Buddhist chants, but I can always find a song to listen to no matter what mood I am in that is by Alice In Chains. I think their variety is what makes them great, not the fact that Layne Staley could have possibly died on the same day as Kurt Cobain.
  • Danny from Des Moines, IaNo one has yet mentioned the fact that Alice In Chains is the only band to have ever had an EP reach number one on the Billboard charts. That's crazy! Phenomenal even! Not even Guns N' Roses did that! They struck while the iron was hot, everybody thinking that they were grunge, even though they sound much more metal to me.
  • Danny from Des Moines, IaOn the inside of their "Essentials" Greatest Hits double disc CD, I read that their original recording studio, the Music Bank, was right next to a huge marijuana operation in 1989. They woke up to some police officers, whom they apparently got them to help move their confiscated equipment. After that, they went on a beer run. Pretty farfetched, huh? Well, it sounds like there is more to Alice In Chains than darkness.
  • Danny from Des Moines, IaHey Jess. You are right about Layne not playing much guitar, but he did write more than a few riffs. I read a quote by Cantrell that said Layne pretty much wrote Angry Chair all by himself, which is an awesome song. I don't think he ever played guitar live, though.
    Alice In Chains has more than four good songs by the way, which everybody keeps forgetting to mention. I bought their greatest hits with 28 songs on it, and I listen to them all, and that doesn't even contain all of their great songs. I think all their songs are great, and their quality did not decline through the years as most other bands do.
  • Ashley from Sale Creek, TnLayne Staley was one of the best vocalist who ever lived. The best thing about it, though, was that he was just a normal person with normal feelings. We will miss him.
    R.I.P Layne
    I love you!
  • Randy from Colerain Twp., OhI have started getting into 'Alice in Chains', unfortunately after they have disbanded. But I have heard that Jerry Cantrell has regrouped with the remaining members of AIC, along with (former Damageplan lead singer) Patrick Lachman as their frontman, and has begun touring the US. I do hope that AIC can find a permanent replacement for Layne and return to the recording studio. I really do like the deep vocals of Layne Staley. I think 'Rooster' is an awsome song. What appears to be a Fender 'Stratocaster' guitar playing with Layne's vocals make the song that much eerie. 'Would?', 'I Stay Away', and 'Down in a Hole' are also awsome songs. It's just a shame that some prominant musicians such as Layne Staley had allowed drugs to take control, and ultimately cost them their lives.
  • Jess from Springfeild, IlI was just curious, how much guitar did Layne actually play? I know that live he rarely did, but he might have in the studio. Does anyone know about that?
  • Jim from North Billerica, MaAIC flashed such brilliance, you can't help but wonder what might have been if Staley could have conquered his inner demons. Their stuff stills hold up well and I think will continue to do so for a long time to come. Such a shame.
  • James from Baton Rouge, LaAgain, Alice in Chains is my favorite ever. Their songs were hauntingly beautiful. I think it was inevitable that the lead singer (Staley) would die a tragic, self-inflicted, (however unintentional) death. I like every song they ever wrote (at least every song before Layne died).
  • Alec from Winnipeg, CanadaIn my opinion, Layne Staley is up there with the top vocalists all time, have you ever heard anyone who can still stay in key at the top of his/her lungs? The only others I have are Janis Joplin and Chris Cornell(ruined his vocal cords doing it). Kurt Cobain could write songs, arrange music and all the rest, but he was nothing as a vocalist compared to Layne, not many people can compare.
  • Val from Mumbai, IndiaThe drugs overwhelmed you, exposed you, demented you. But we feel the pain, we miss you Layne!!!
    You are a legend. We miss your magical grunge voice n attitude. AIC, the best band so far. New Age sux!
    Please come Back!
  • Brett from Sudbury, CanadaFor all of you who can't go to the annual Staley Tribute in Seattle. This will bring a tear if your a fan and far away friend. Layne's dad even said he loved it!!

    Brett, Edmonton, Alberta.
  • Tyler from Edmonton, CanadaI just started listening to AIC in the past few months, and was totally blown away. THey're so intense, and dark. Its great. One of the best bands from the early 90's.

    By the way. "it's better to burn out than fade away" was quoted by Neil Young. Kurt Cobain just paraphrased it. Get it right
  • Julien from Ottawa, CanadaIs She Ready To Know My Frustration?
    What She Slippin' Inside, Slow Castration
    I'm A Riddle So Strong, You Can't Break Me
    Did She Come Here To Try, Try To Take Me

    Did She Call My Name?
    I Think It's Gonna Rain
    When I Die

    Was It Something I Said, Held Against Me?
    Ain't No Life On The Run, Slowly Climbing
    Caught In Ice So She Stares, Stares At Nothing
    I Can Help Her But Won't, Now She Hates Me

    She Won't Let Me Hide
    She Don't Want Me To Cry

    Will She Keep On The Ground, Trying To Ground Me
    Slowly Forgive My Lie, Lying To Save Me
    Could She Love Me Again, Or Will She Hate Me
    Prob'ly Not, I Know Why, Can't Explain Me
  • Julien from Ottawa, CanadaLayne Staley... The Legend..RIP... U were the best man we all miss you.. As a matter of fact u ARE the best.. Its weird to say this but ive only been AIC fan for a few years now and i feel by listening to ur music that i have known you for ever.. Heaven's Beside You man.. luv 4 life..
  • Broc from Pensacola, FlIt was a very sad day in my life when Layne died.
    Its very sad how so many rockstars die because of the use of drugs. When i make it to the big time i wont go out that way. Its like Kurt said its better to burn out than to fade away.

  • Bill from Alta, CanadaLayne Staley shall never be forgotten. he was more than a great musician, but a man who tried to spread the warnings of life's darker side.
  • Kalie from Pensacola, FlLayne you are a wonderful person. May you rest in peace, and may you rest in peace knowing that we're all still down here loving and missing you. You are an artist of infectious beauty my friend. I love you.

    oh...p.s. Demri didn't die of an overdose.It was an infection that was brought on by drugs...but not an OD. btw...Jon from me...I'm surprised at how much you know about AIC. It's
  • Kalie from Pensacola, FlLayne, you are musically the biggest influence in my life...even in your death. May you rest in peace...and knowing that we're all still down here missing and loving you. You are infectious beauty my friend. rip.
  • Barrie from London, Englandthe name "alice in chains" was originally alice "n" chains which came from the fact that the band originally were more of a glam rock/hair metal band b4 they got signed and layne chose the name as he wanted to be " the worlds 1st ever speed metal band in drag".. the band changed it from alice "n" chains to alice in chains.. due to the fact they were worried ppl thought they would be copying the then very popular guns "n" roses, jerry cantrell was playing in a band called "diamond lie" from which both he and mike starr were fired from... layne was the manager of the studio they was rehearsing in.. he heard them and reccomended a drummer called sean kinney... which was kinda spooky as not only did starr know kinney.. but he was dating his sister... layne helped out on vocals from time to time as the band had no singer... till finally they managed to convince him to join permanently... one major factor in laynes life was his father left at an early age and faked his own death to hide from ppl he owed money to... when alice in chains made it big... laynes father turned back up on the scene and totally messed with his head, his father was a big drug user, layne was trying to stay clean...but he also wanted to have the bond and relationship with his father,,he once wrote " it was kinda f**ked up... i hadnt seen him most of my life.. and there he was turning up at my door most days.. just so he could get hi.. it was such events as that as well as the death of his soul mate (demri) that totally destroyed him... the song "hate to feel" was all about his drug relationship with his father.. and that it seemed the only reason his father wanted him in his life. was for drugs... and although its been described as one of the best "heroin" cd's ever... many of the songs written by layne were very anti drugs... songs like godsmack, junkhead,and hate to feel.. were trying to say " yes the drugs were fun... but cant u see how its destroying me???"...he once wrote..." its now at the point where i dont need the drugs to get high.. i need them to live... just like food and water... this is what heroin does to u... i dont enjoy it... i dont get the high... but ive been doing this so long... its now substanence.. i need them to survive"... which was highlighted in the hate to feel lyrics " now the sh**s substanence " his last ever interview he stated " why dont they read my words? why cant they see what im really saying about drugs.. yes ive enjoyed them... but cant u see what its done to me?? cant u see its killing me??"... Dirt was an amazing and bleak album... not gloryfiying drugs as most thought.. read a bit closer and u will see the words of a man pouring his heart out that he was doing something that made him feel alive..doing something that seemed to take all the pain away... but he was totally aware it was slowly killing him.. and he just couldnt stop...alice in chains became a legend.. but they never became the band they should have been.. Jar of flies is one of the most beautiful albums ever and was only written and recorded in 7 days... surely that alone shows the genius of Jerry Cantrell and Layne Staley... this world was robbed of an amazing band... and one of the most gifted and talented singers the rock world has ever known.... sadly he has passed away... but at least the man finally has some peace
  • Julie from Los Angeles, CaActually, I heard that Layne Staley's fiancee, Demri Parrot, did not OD on heroin but rather died from untreated endocarditis, an infection of the heart caused by bacteria entering the blood stream, often from using IV drugs. Still a terrible way to die (this happened to my boyfriend) and still drug-related.
  • Brett from Sudbury, CanadaWow what a detailed and absolutely correct description of Layne and the history of Alice. I'm a very big fan of Layne and the band and that was bang on. Thanks for that Jon from Selah, WA.
    R.I.P. Layne...
  • Scott Evans from Bradford, FinlandLayne Staley died exactly 8 years afetr Kurt Cobain.
  • Jon from Selah, WaDied was also released in 1999 it was about Demri, who died in 96 from heart complications caused by drug use. Layne took her death very hard, as they had been engaged at one point, and were still very close. He was placed on suicide watch by friends, family and the record label after her death.

    Layne's addicition was a rollercoaster ride. He got consumed in 91, lived through hell. Cleaned up, with the help of the band mates who at one point were flying to consoling sessions weekly. This is around the time of the first rumored break up around 94. Layne was working on other things, including art, the Mad Season project, (which only spanned months and one album featuring Layne) and a solo album, which never saw the light of day.

    As Layne got better and tensions eased they band got back into the studio and recorded the self-titled album. Everyone wanted to tour, the band, the fans, the label. But Layne's health was questionable. He never really completely kicked his habits and never got healthy. So touring was held off.

    In early 96, the band played Unplugged, a show that they all wanted to play for years. The response was huge, it was one of the most popular episodes ever. Riding that they felt they could play select dates. KISS' tour was the gig, playing 4 dates. By this time it was obvious that Layne's addiction was again growing, and was confirmed with the rolling stone issue featuring Layne on the cover. Then Demri died...

    At this point the tension was very high in the band. They all wanted and needed Layne clean, and he wasn't ready. In 1998 Jerry started work on his first solo album, featuring Mike Inez and Sean Kinney. Near the end of that project Layne joined the guys in the studio to work on some material. Agruements insued, the session was cut short, and they headed back home to Seattle, where they tried again. They laid some new tracks, and went their own ways. Jerry following Metallica, Layne going home.

    From then they rarely talked. However, in 1999 listeners of RockLine got to hear a once in a lifetime event. Mike and Jerry were in the LA studio promoting the album, with Sean on the phone from Albany, NY. When out of the blue, a listener called in, claiming to be Layne Staley. After a little bit of off air questioning, they found it really was Layne. He was in good spirit and was ready to work again with the guys. They spent the next hour or two listening to music and answering listeners questions. This was the last public interview of the entire bands, and the last public interview of Layne Staley's.

    From then time slipped on Layne's addicition kicked back up, health problems ensued, and a sad yet tragic death followed. That truely was one of the saddest moments in rock music. Layne Staley and Alice In Chains were two of the most respected names in rock music, even though MTV and VH1 sadly overlooked it.
  • Metalrose from St Paul, MnActually when Layne was found dead, his body was so badly decomposed they couldn't identify him right away.

    He pretty much lost hope after the love of his life (Demri Parrot) died of a herion OD in 1995 or so.
  • Danny from Dallas, TxAlice in Chains did indeed release a single original song on the "Best of the Box" CD called "Get Born Again". It received a decent amount of airplay but is considered to be a subpar song by hardcore AIC fans. Still, it was well received simply by being something new from the band.
  • Dana from Washington Dc, MdI find it interesting. The 2 greatest grunge singers ever Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley died on the same day. I wonder who will be next....
  • Ryan from Janesville, WiWhen Layne was found dead, his hands were green from the heroin use.
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