Dam That River

  • According to the booklet in the 1999 Alice in Chains boxed set Music Bank, Jerry Cantrell and Sean Kinney got into a big fight. Sean broke a table over his head, and Jerry wrote this song as a payback. >>
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    Chris - Arlington, WA

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  • Taylor from Sydney, Australia This is the best Alice in Chains song on the best Alice in Chains Album. I've read that 'Dirt' inspired Billy Corgan with some of the heavier tracks on Siamese Dream, which just makes it that little bit better too!
  • Jeffrey Thomas from U.s.aThis is one of my favorite Alice In Chains tunes! Best played loud.
  • Layton from Paris, Txim the first to comment this haha. i love this song, dirt is the favorite album fron alice in chains. its also their heaviest
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