One Strike

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  • This was released as All Saints' first single after the quartet of Melanie Blatt, Shaznay Lewis and Natalie and Nicole Appleton reunited in 2014 for a series of live performances.
  • The comeback song was inspired by Nicole Appleton's divorce from Liam Gallagher. All Saints' main songwriter Shaznay Lewis explained that Nicole's split was "on my mind" when she wrote the song, after they spent many hours talking on the phone. "The lyrics came from somewhere very real," she said. "Nic was going through a lot of things at that time. That was at the forefront of my mind because it was the heaviest thing going on."
  • Nicole Appleton didn't immediately clock that Shaznay Lewis had written the song about their phone conversation. "She just took it all in and worked her magic and just wrote the song," the All Saints singer explained on Alan Carr: Chatty Man. "I didn't even know, and I was singing along to it months later and she went, 'You know when you spoke to me and told me...' and I just went, 'Oh my god,' and it was quite heavy."


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