Album: Nothing Personal (2009)


  • This was the first single to be taken from American pop punk band All Time Low's third full length release, Nothing Personal.
  • This track is about not wanting to grow up. Frontman Alex Gaskarth explained to MTVU that "the whole mentality of the song is like, you feel like you're stuck in this like, negative space and you just want to get out. Summer's rolling up and uh, everybody's finishing up with school and everybody's getting like the exam beatdown."
  • In an interview with the August 28th 2010 edition of Kerrang!, Gaskarth said this is his favorite All Time Low song to play live. He explained: "'Weightless' is the best song we've ever written and it's cool to play. If people are on the fence about our band, that's the one that usually convinces them of what we can do."

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  • Ann from Shawnee, OkI interpret this song differently, kind of. To me this song is about anorexia. I've dealt with an eating disorder and am still. "manage me, I'm a mess, turn a page, I'm a book, half unread" means, in my opinion, I'm a mess, I'm falling apart, get to know me more, I'm not what everyone thinks I am. "I wanna feel weightless, and that should be enough," I think that one is pretty self explanatory
  • Ashley from Oshkosh, AlI heard in an interview that this was the last song on Nothing Personal that Alex Gaskarth wrote and he was kind of having a hard time writing songs for this album. If you listen to the words of the song, you can kind of hear his frustration of being stuck in a room trying to get some lyrics onto paper. haha. I think he also used some of these lyrics from old blogs of his.
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